[How to roast pigeons in the oven]_ roast pigeons _ oven _ how to do

[How to roast pigeons in the oven]_ roast pigeons _ oven _ how to do

When roasting pigeons, there is neither a grill nor an oven in the house. There is only a microwave oven, and the oven is only for heating food. They cannot be roasted, so everyone will be very entangled whether to eat roasted pigeons.Yes, as long as the power allows, you can make roasted pigeons, but the specific roasting time depends on the power.

The microwave oven roasts pigeons and more condensing microwave ovens have more power.

It usually takes 20 minutes to get it in half.

If you want to roast the pigeons well, you must prepare the seasonings. According to the taste, you can make a variety of roasted pigeons. When preparing the dishes, you must prepare the pigeons, roast them according to the steps, and then brush the seasonings.Roasted pigeons appeared.

The practice of roasting pigeons in a microwave oven seasoning: 10 grams of sand ginger powder, 20 grams of maltol, 50 grams of salt, 30 grams of meat treasure king, 50 grams of flavor powder.

(This is the amount of 10 pigeons) Production: 1. Live pigeons bleed, directly peel, viscera, rinse with water to remove fishy smell.

2. Spread the seasoning evenly on the pigeons, repeat it several times (set the taste evenly), and leave it to pickle for 15 minutes.

3. Wrap the pigeons with oil paper first, then wrap a layer of tin foil, and cover the pot with charcoal (step 4 in the same method). Fire for 20-25 minutes (up to 25 minutes).

4. After baking the pigeon, open the paper, take it out and bake it in the oven for 6-8 minutes.

Method 1 for charcoal burning pigeons. First, slaughter the pigeons, bleed them from the head (better than the light pigeons bought directly), rinse them with small running water, and remove the fishy smell.

2. Mix all the seasonings. For better taste, use a new disposable medical syringe to inject the seasonings into the thicker breasts of pigeon meat.

3. Roast the pigeon’s hair with charcoal fire, and then remove some miscellaneous hair, and remove the paste and viscera, liver, heart, and loquat.

4. When the charcoal is burned until there is no open flame, shatter it. Take a part of it and spread it on the bottom of the pot. Place the pigeon with the hair removed on the charcoal.Degree set time, up to 20 minutes).

5. Peel the pigeons that are in good condition (this dish eats the dry aroma of pigeon meat, so the skin must be removed), put them in the oven (sterilizable), brush them with a brush, remove charcoal shavings, and use plastic wrapKeep refrigerated for the best taste within two days.

6. Brush the sesame oil before serving and bake in the microwave for 6 minutes.