[How to make fresh coconut meat]_ practices _ steps

[How to make fresh coconut meat]_ practices _ steps

When you drink coconut juice, don’t just drink the coconut juice in coconut, in fact, coconut meat has many uses.

It is a pity to throw away the coconut meat after drinking the coconut juice.

Even the flavour of milk on coconut meat will be more intense than coconut juice, and the fresh coconut meat can produce a very delicious taste if properly prepared.

So how can fresh coconut meat be made delicious during the process?

Coconut meat chicken 1, usually fresh coconut meat can be prepared with chicken and soup and specific materials need to be prepared, 200 grams of fresh coconut meat, a chicken, 150 grams of pork bones, red dates, and salt and gingersome.

2. Peel the prepared soil chicken, remove the internal organs, remove the water after cleaning, chop into chunks, wash the pork bones, chop into chunks, slice ginger, and cut the red dates into chunks.

3. Simmer the pork bones and chicken nuggets with boiling water, remove them and put them in the soup pot, add the prepared red dates and ginger slices, then put the prepared coconut meat, then put in a sufficient amount of water and burn on high heatTurn on, and then slowly cook on low heat for two hours. Season with salt before cooking.

Coconut meat is used as jelly 1. Fresh coconut meat can also be used as jelly. You need to prepare it when making it. Coconut meat is 300 grams, coconut juice is 300 grams, milk is 200 grams, sugar is 60 grams, and agar is 10 grams.

2. Put the prepared coconut meat in the cooking machine, add the prepared milk and sugar and mix thoroughly, then soak the agar with water, put it in a pot, cook on low heat until softened, and then slowly add the preparedMix in coconut milk.

3, add coconut juice to the coconut milk, mix directly into the special mold, and then refrigerate for two hours in the refrigerator, take out the mold after taking out, at this time the homemade coconut meat jelly is ready.

Coconut meat steamed rice is also very delicious with fresh coconut meat steamed rice. Usually, after taking out the fresh coconut juice, put it in the cooking machine, add an appropriate amount of water and stir well. After taking out, filter to get coconut juice, and then pan the rice.Wash it, add coconut juice and steam it. The steamed rice has a strong coconut aroma and tastes particularly good.