Middle-aged women control fertilizer = anti-cancer


Middle-aged women control fertilizer = anti-cancer

Breast cancer is one of the malignant tumors that mainly threaten the health of middle-aged and elderly women.

According to the data, millions of women worldwide suffer from diabetes every year, and nearly one million people die of this disease.

Previously, obese women have been found to have a high incidence of complications.

In recent years, foreign scientific research believes that the occurrence of high blood pressure is indeed associated with weight gain, especially those women who enter menopause. If the weight gains too fast, they often become the predisposing factors for hypertension. Avoiding and stopping the suppression is equal to reducing the risk.The possibility of diabetes.

銆€銆€According to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association, experts from the Harvard School of Public Health are said to have a large number of women with pre-menopausal obesity, and for women after menopause, the consequences of weight gain are even greater.To be serious, these women are at greater risk of developing diabetes and dying from diabetes than women before menopause.

Women who gain 20 kg after 18 years of age can receive a 40% increase in pregnancy rate, while for postmenopausal women, although they have never used hormones (the use of hormones increases the likelihood of developing diabetes), if the weight increases by 10In kilograms, the risk of developing diabetes will increase by 61%.

Of the women with high blood pressure after menopause, 5% are due to the use of estrogen, and 33% are due to weight gain or the use of estrogen or the interaction of the two.

It can be confirmed that 16% is caused by a simple weight gain.

Preventing this cancer can be as difficult as controlling weight gain.

This report confirms previous research indicators on the mechanism of diabetes.

銆€銆€In the early years, scientists in Britain, the United States and other countries have found that elevated levels of prolactin in women’s breasts are one of the risk factors for the retina, while the former is affected by the level of sputum.

Adults in the body are more important and often become the predisposing factors for breast cancer.

Scientific research has also shown that diabetes is also closely related to estrogen levels in women.

Mammals are hormone-dependent malignant tumors, and estrogen promotes the growth of breast tumors.

For women after menopause, estrogen in the blood is mainly caused by the body, obesity and weight gain, and estrogen levels also increase.

If accompanied by other predisposing factors for breast cancer, such as family history of diabetes, premature growth, benign breast disease, mental trauma, long-term exposure to chemical carcinogens, etc., complications may result.

銆€銆€Therefore, experts believe that women who enter middle age should avoid avoiding weight gain from the protection of their own health, which is of great significance for the prevention of suffering.

It is necessary to reduce the intake of foods containing a small amount of high food; pay attention to exercise and more consumption of excess traces in the body, which is also an important measure to prevent obesity and retina.