[Internationally recognized anti-cancer food, take a bite of cancer one step further!

[Internationally recognized anti-cancer food, take a bite of cancer one step further!

Improper diet can cause cancer, but eating food can also prevent cancer.

Not long ago, Huang Zhijie, an associate professor at Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out in Shenzhen that there is no shortage of anti-cancer and anti-cancer substances in nature, and they are widely present in natural foods.

At present, the internationally and domestically recognized vegetables with anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects are: sweet potato, asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, eggplant, beet, carrot, amaranth, enoki mushroom, snow ravioli, Chinese cabbage; the fruits are: papaya, strawberry, orange, Mandarin, kiwi, mango, apricot, persimmon, tomato and watermelon.

Huang Zhijie specifically introduced 10 kinds of foods with anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

★ Carrot research found that the carotene contained in carrots can be converted into vitamin A in the body, and vitamin A has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

Carrots also contain carbonated folic acid, which also has anti-cancer effects.

The contained lignin can improve the immune capacity of the organism by 2-3 times, thereby indirectly inhibiting or eliminating carcinogens and cells in the body.

In addition, the molybdenum in carrots can also prevent cancer.

Therefore, eating carrots often can prevent cancer.