[How to make dried osmanthus tea]_drying_how to make

[How to make dried osmanthus tea]_drying_how to make

Dry osmanthus tea as long as the osmanthus tea is dried, the salt and rock sugar should be added during the drying process.

Generally it can be put away as long as it is in the sun for a day or two.

Osmanthus tea is a combination of things that can clear away heat and relieve heat and beauty. In addition, osmanthus tea can be eaten as long as it is directly soaked in water. It is recommended that office workers can add more.

How to make osmanthus tea Osmanthus tea Method One: When making osmanthus tea, you need to prepare fresh osmanthus, an appropriate amount of salt and rock sugar, and prepare some boiling water and a clean glass cup.

2. Put the prepared osmanthus in the pot, add the prepared edible salt and water, rinse and drain repeatedly, then put it into the prepared glass, pour boiling water, add rock sugar, coverCover it with a good cup and let it soak for three minutes. At this time, the scented osmanthus tea is ready, and it can be called directly after cooling.

Method 2 1. When Osmanthus fragrans is marketed in large quantities, people can collect fresh Osmanthus fragrans and remove them. The residual flowers can be dried in a cool and ventilated place afterwards, and then stored.

2. When you want to drink sweet-scented osmanthus tea, you can take your dried osmanthus, 3 to 5 grams, put it directly into the cup, then fill it with a little boiling water, shake it for a while and then pour it out. Pour in the boiling water again, add an appropriate amount of sugar, and seasonIt’s the sweet-scented osmanthus tea.

3. When making osmanthus tea, you can also mix dried osmanthus tea with a variety of scented teas such as roses or chrysanthemums. This will make the osmanthus tea brewed more attractive and relieve the stomach.Cold and stomach pain can also prevent and cure human indigestion.

Method 3: When a lot of osmanthus blooms every year, you can also collect fresh osmanthus flowers, wash them with water, remove the residual flowers and stalks, dry the water on their surface, and put the treated osmanthus in glass bottles.Put a layer of sweet-scented osmanthus and a layer of white sugar, repeat the top layer of white-sweet sugar, and marinate them tightly. They can be marinated in about 20 days. Usually, you want to drink the sweet-scented osmanthus tea and take out the right amount.