[Can pregnant women eat beef]_Beef_Pregnancy_OK

[Can pregnant women eat beef]_Beef_Pregnancy_OK

The nutritional value of beef is relatively high, pregnant women can eat some during pregnancy, but also pay attention to understand other dietary taboos, such as pork liver, leek, barley and other foods, which female friends ca n’t eat during pregnancy, which may affect the fetus.

1.Avoid drugs: such as traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, etc., if you need medicine, you need to be under the guidance of a physician.

2.Avoid using safflower oil and sunflower oil when cooking.

3.Avoid pig liver: Many people think that pig liver is very nourishing, but it has the effect of breaking blood, which will disperse the waste blood in the uterus; but because there is no waste blood in the uterus during pregnancy, it is easy to cause early abortion.

4.Avoid leek, malt (sugar): very effective in postpartum weaning, but it will affect hormone secretion and easily cause nausea and vomiting.

5.Avoid boiled kernels: its role is to eliminate abnormal cells in the body, but because the fertilized eggs to the human body instead of normal cells, so the effectiveness of barley kernels may inhibit the growth of fertilized eggs, so you should try to avoid ingestion.

6.Avoid sugar: The metabolism of sugar in the human body will consume a large amount of calcium. The lack of calcium during pregnancy will affect the development of teeth and bones.

7.Avoid monosodium glutamate: eating too much monosodium glutamate can affect the absorption of zinc, which is not conducive to the development of the voltage nervous system.

8.Avoid very tender seafood, frog meat, snake meat, eggs: these foods may have potential bacteria or parasites.

9.Avoid ginseng, longan: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that most yin and blood in pregnant women are too weak. Consumption of ginseng will cause qi and suffocation, aggravate early pregnancy reaction, edema and high blood pressure.

In addition, I also heard that you ca n’t eat it. I do n’t know if it is caused by cold in rhizome food.