How was the heat?


Keeping youth must start with health

How was the heat?
Keeping youth must start with health

Feeling very hot?

Very stuffy?

Even lazy to not want to make up?

Don’t worry, the hottest summer heat in the legend will come tomorrow. If you want to escape from the heat and be beautiful, let us hear what the experts say.

Modern science has found that the body’s metabolism is very strong in the summer.

Chinese medicine also believes that summer yang is outdated, and blood and blood operations are correspondingly vigorous, and active on the surface of the body.

Then the pores of the skin are excreted, the sweat is discharged, and the body temperature is adjusted by sweating to adapt to the hot climate.

People in the hot summer are prone to general malaise, loss of appetite, sweating, dizziness, upset, drowsiness and other symptoms, even by heatstroke, diarrhea and other diseases.

If you want to maintain a beautiful appearance in the summer, you have to start from the health, so summer health has become a topic of great concern to people, so how to maintain health in summer?

銆€銆€Health care system is a systematic project because of people’s health from time to time. It is also a long-term process. Through the principle of dialectic due to people’s time and place, the best health goal can be achieved.

Director Ye Hong of Shujiancheng Beauty Group believes that health care is an alternative to health care, diet, and physical health. Because people vary from place to place, through long-term exercise and practice, they can maintain their body and reduce disease.Technology and methodologies for improving health and prolonging life.

Summer health should generally pay attention to the spirit, diet, and living.

Spiritual nursed back to the hot summer, to be refreshed, happy and happy, broad-minded, so that the mind can be raised.

Therefore, you should take part in some cultural activities, travel, summer and summer, so that people can feel good and exercise.

銆€銆€In the hot summer, you should sleep late and get up early, adapt to nature and maintain yang.

Due to the high temperature in summer and the reduced sleep time at night, it is necessary to take a proper nap to maintain sufficient energy.

In summer, people’s digestive function is weak, and food should be taken care of in heat and heat, spleen and qi.

Therefore, the diet should be light and refreshing, less greasy and digestible food.

Summer heat, because of sweating, often feel thirsty, appropriate use of cold drinks, can help the body to emit transformation, add water.

However, eating cold drinks can cause cold in vitro and can cause diseases.

Especially for young women, the spleen and stomach are weak, and more attention should be paid to the maintenance of rehabilitation.

銆€銆€In the summer, it is said that the health of the gods is refreshing. According to the introduction, in the summer, the general program is a “clear” word.

This clear word contains three meanings: the meaning is that the mind must be clear, that is, the spirit must be quiet.

Summer is hot and hot, and the body is prone to sultry and sleepy irritability.

Therefore, we must first calm down our thoughts, be refreshed, avoid temper and temper, avoid heat caused by dryness, and prevent endangerment.

The heart is calm and natural, so that the human body is not easy to “get angry” and the mind is sober.

銆€銆€The second is to clear the heat, this refers to diet and drugs.

Summer diet should be light and soft, easy to digest, eat less high-fat and spicy and spicy.

A light diet can clear the heat, prevent heat, converge sweat, replenish fluid, and increase appetite.

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to meet the nutrients needed and prevent heat stroke.

The staple food is rare, such as mung bean porridge, lotus porridge, lotus leaf porridge and so on.

Drink some refreshing drinks thoroughly, such as sour plum soup, chrysanthemum tea, etc.

However, cold drinks should be moderate, and you should not be biased towards cold and cold products, otherwise you will hurt the body and damage your body.

If there is heat in the body, you can also take some medicines that are clearing heat and heat, such as sangju drink, Xuanmai granules and other proprietary Chinese medicines.

銆€銆€The third is to cool, this refers to the wearing and living environment.

Don’t wear too thick in summer, many young people like to wear denim, and summer is not suitable for wearing this kind of clothing.The color of the clothes should be light-colored as much as possible so that it can absorb less heat.

The fabric of the clothes should be as much as possible to supplement cotton and linen, so that it is easy to absorb sweat and breath, and can also avoid skin diseases.

銆€銆€There are many ways to drink more sour plum soup and swim in the summer. Each person can choose according to their own hobbies and characteristics.

Among the many summer health regimens of the Eve family’s health expert, Don Ruth, the most recommended is to drink sour plum soup on the diet and swim more.

Don Ruth said: ” Among the many summer foods, my favorite is the sour plum soup.

Acidic foods can appetite and increase appetite, just to solve the problem of poor appetite in summer.

At the same time, it can also gather the sweat and soothe the nerves to prevent the danger of human body collapse caused by sweat.

“In summer, many people are prone to irritability and temper. These are caused by liver qi.

“The AS club’s ballet body coach Yuejiao articles,” the summer climate is hot, penetrating the human body, if you continue to exercise in the sun may cause heat stroke.

Therefore, it is best to exercise and choose the right item to exercise when the weather is cool in the morning or evening. Swimming is a good project.

Swimming can directly cool off the heat, make people refreshed, and no amount of exercise will have the risk of heatstroke.

銆€銆€Swimming can clean and massage the skin well. The skin is an important organ that regulates the body’s temperature. The pores are smooth and healthy skin is an important guarantee for summer health.

“Yue Jiaoyan, there are many ways to maintain health. Maybe not everyone likes to swim, but everyone can find one or two methods they like best.

The best way is to suit your own method and find a suitable method for your health that will be used for life.

(Reporter Wang Chaoyuan)