See how ballet creates perfect body!

See how ballet creates perfect body!

The origin of ballet “Ballet” originated in Italy and flourished in France. The word “ballet” was originally a transliteration of French ballet, and its etymology is balletto, which means “jump” or “dancing.”

Ballet was originally a kind of dance performed by the masses or entertaining in the square in Europe, and formed a strict standard and structural form in the development process.

In 1661, King Louis XIV of France ordered the establishment of the world’s first royal dance school in Paris, establishing five basic ballet positions and twelve hand positions, giving ballet a complete set of movements and systems.

These five basic feet have been used ever since.

  Basic Ballet Movements The basic course of ballet shape takes basic ballet movements as training content. Through several characteristics of ballet, such as openness, tightness, straightness, etc., the body parts can develop in a balanced manner with a beautiful posture.

  Pressing the legs: Pressing the legs is basically for the grace of dancing, and there are many benefits in fitness.

It can promote blood circulation, reduce muscle fatigue, and shape muscle lines.

  Adjust posture: The ballet’s micro posture requires the shoulders to sink, highlighting the top and aligned beautiful lines; the legs tighten the waist and stand upright to make the posture upright and dignified.

In addition to being beautiful, this action also has a direct effect on health and weight loss.

  Handlebar training: the beautiful dancing posture and movement stretching are directly related to the stability of the center of gravity.

The helper exercises help dancers adjust their focus.

  The high-level training focuses on the feeling of dance and the perception of music.

Beauty training is the most important content and training direction of advanced ballet body classes.

  As the pearl of the art crown, ballet has become the standard of social civilization. Its depth and breadth, beauty and vulgarity cannot be simply summarized in words.

Want to be an elegant ballet beauty?

Want to look more stretched, healthy, and charming from the inside out?

Welcome to Yumei Ballet Fitness Club, we will tailor a ballet fitness plan for you!

Judgement and elimination method of visceral feces

Judgement and elimination method of visceral feces

Does the internal organs gain weight?

of course!

And visceral fatness is more terrible than fat appearance!

Once the trace content of the internal organs is too high, it will not only easily cause external obesity, but also cause high blood pressure and hypertension!

Use the following small test to determine if your internal organs need to lose weight.

  The latest research on obesity shows that too many types of internal dirtyness will seriously threaten life!

But 91% of the people said that when they burned Auntie, they only paid attention to the aunt under the skin and ignored the visceral aunt!

When internal dirt and feces accumulate, causing the cells in the body to swell internally to store too much, plus these transfers cannot be consumed in time, it will also cause women to become obese!

Therefore, it is not only necessary to slim out the S-shaped curve, but also to act immediately to make a plan for visceral weight loss for yourself!

  4-step quiz Test1: You have accumulated too much aunt on your waist, and all kinds of thin waist methods will not help?

  Answer: This is the first sign that the aunt has exceeded the standard, because the visceral aunt is located in the abdominal cavity. Once there is too much hoarding, the waist size will continue to increase!

  Test2: The physical examination report shows that everything is normal, but just excess nutrition?

  Answer: This is not to prove how high your quality of life is, or to tell you that the visceral aunt has exceeded the standard, because part of the excessive nutrition has been converted into excess aunt and surrounded by the dirty surrounding.

  Test3: Are you a fleshy type?

Especially for dinner.

  Answer: If this is the case continuously, it is difficult for adults to absorb and burn in the body, and it can only be regulated around the internal filth, which will eventually cause the adult visceral content to exceed the standard.

  Test4: Constipation is no surprise to you.

  Solution: Because, because you can’t defecate normally, you can’t leave the body by yourself, and constipation will naturally occur!

  How does the visceral aunt lurk?

  The formation of visceral aunts is inextricably linked to our living habits.

In your busy daily life, under your “bad habits”, the visceral aunt gradually lurks in you.

  1. Ignore breakfast. Many office workers have to sleep a little more in the morning or put on a beautiful make-up before going out. As a result, the morning time is very rushed, so they sacrifice breakfast time.

In this way, your abdominal cavity will be free of water and nutrition all morning to provide enough space for your viscera.

  2. Excessive nutrition for lunch. Of course, there is nothing wrong with lunch nutrition. However, many office workers will eat a lot of things at noon because of breakfast vacancies. The internal body functions and moves. As a result, the digestive system is exhausted and stays in the abdominal cavity slightly.That’s it!

  3. I don’t have time to drink water at work. I believe that many office workers are like Xiaobian. When they are busy with work, they have no time to drink water.

Without the power of water to perform body functions, the visceral aunt will not have the courage to self-burn, and will not be able to find opportunities to replace the outside, of course, more and more.

  4. High-concentration afternoon tea is around 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon, which is usually the tea time for office workers.

Cakes, biscuits, tarts, potato chips, and chocolates, but you forget that you have n’t done any activities after lunch, and the toxins in your body are still in your body. If you add high-calorie foods, you know that your aunt is in your internal organsThe team here will only grow larger!

  4 ways to make your internal organs slim fast!

  1. Add a lot of cellulose If you want to lose weight in your internal organs, you cannot add dietary fiber.

It can excrete smoothly, absorb harmful substances and plasma, and replace the body in vitro.

Foods containing dietary fiber include oats, mung beans, tomatoes, and grapefruit. Please pay more attention to them from now on!

Because they are a good helper to help your internal organs lose weight.

  2, eat less carbohydrates Carbohydrate-containing foods are rice, bread and other staple foods.

Too much credit for these foods will cause too much sugar to be metabolized, which will lead to the accumulation of visceral aunts in the abdominal cavity.

Of course, you ca n’t skip it at all, because when the amount of impurities is zero, your brain will be blank and you will not be able to really concentrate.

For women, the daily intake of glucose is more than 100 grams, and the ratio of three meals is 5: 3: 2. This is the golden ratio that is more conducive to digestion and metabolism.

  3. A 25-minute brisk walk from American sports experts recently found that fast walking can increase the trace hormone content in the body, and consumes 47% more visceral feces than walking slowly.However, the rhythm of brisk walking is very important. Only if you are able to enjoy your exercise comfortably with your ability, can your body fully absorb the atmosphere and fully burn the visceral guy.

In addition, exercise time is most suitable for 25 minutes a day.

  4. “Spoon Massage” According to the viscera removal in Japan, spoon massage is very popular, which is to stop the skin with a small spoon, which can achieve a good health effect.

First, the grapefruit essential oil is evenly absorbed in the abdomen, which can promote the body’s metabolism very well, and then use a spoon to block the navel as the intervention from the outside to the inside, and the best is to feel the pressure in the abdomen.

Not only can the essential oil molecules be transmitted into the skin through the power of the spoon, and they are involved in the metabolism of the body. It can also increase the abdominal cavity temperature from the outside to the inside, and improve the ability of self-burning aunt.

Checking your lover’s phone hurts most

Checking your lover’s phone hurts most

Career success is not equal to marriage happiness. Ms. Julie, a graduate student in the Department of Psychology at Peking University and an international MBA from Beijing University.

  Prior to the establishment of Absolute 100 Marriage Network, Julie held a senior management position in CCTV.

Julie said, “When I went to Peking University to study for an MBA in 2001, I had a deeper understanding and understanding of how to achieve a happy marriage.

At that time, a total of 102 people in our class were basically executives and founders of various enterprises.

It should be said that all belong to people with more successful careers.

Maybe it’s professional sensitivity. Soon I discovered an amazing fact that a large proportion of them are unhappy in marriage!

Some have broken up, some are in conflict, and some are not satisfied with their other half, especially women, who are still single.

Why is this so?

I thought it was a special case of CCTV’s unique media environment.

This is the beginning of my research on marriage in the surrounding environment. At that time, I was serious about this already common phenomenon.

“Differences in key dimensions lead to emotional breakdown.” Julie said, “Hundreds of pairs of cases have been visited abnormally, and my evidence has changed again.

In addition to the huge difference in values of life as the biggest killer of marriage, I also found that several other important dimensions of life also have a great impact on marriage.

People with increased sense of responsibility will be very depressed and even indignant when they are with weaker people.

They don’t understand why each other is so irresponsible?

Don’t you love me?

He must not care about me!

This is the origin of the contradiction.

Also, a sense of trust. Some people have a higher degree of trust in others, while others substitute.

When two people with this dimension difference are together, it ‘s easy to mistrust each other. Ask questions, check your phone, etc. Such small things happen frequently around us. Except for the reason that someone is not confident, trustSense is also some outstanding preliminary.

“There are other dimensions that you may not have imagined, but they are also one of the main killers that cause emotional breakdown!

Ms. Julie said, “Of course, the way of communication and tolerance have an important impact on the intimate relationship between the two. I will not explain them one by one. Let me talk about romance. I didn’t expect this dimension to be so important at first.

It is often heard in life that XX is romantic, and XX does not have a romantic cell. If the two people differ greatly in this dimension, both parties will feel very bad.

One party will argue: no fun!

It even says it’s like wood!

Delayed and so on.

The other side was wronged and confused, and I didn’t understand that I was so good to her. Why was she always dissatisfied?

So picky!

and many more.
“Ms. Julie said:” Huge demand and professional responsibility are the basis for my sprout to create the absolute 100 dating network.

After careful research on the dating market, I found that most dating websites only provide a simple platform for understanding and exchange, and cannot give some basic guidance to both men and women on how to build a harmonious and happy marriage relationship.

The result of simple understanding will cause a new round of emotional breakdown and the couple break up.

Even if I know a little about common sense to achieve a harmonious relationship when starting a relationship, I can avoid a lot of misfortunes. This is what I can do.

Peanut blood is good to eat do not rub the skin _1

Peanut blood is good to eat, do not rub the skin

“Eating peanuts is accompanied by red skin.” The thin layer of red clothing on the outside of peanuts has many benefits to the human body and has been brought to many people.

But some people think that “the middle-aged and elderly people are not suitable to eat peanuts, even if they eat peanuts, they must peel off that red coat.”

So, what are the “skills” of this thin layer of red clothing outside peanuts?

Is it suitable for everyone?

  Peanut’s blood and hemostatic effect is mainly due to the “red clothes”. Peanuts are recognized worldwide as healthy foods, and peanuts are considered one of the “top ten longevity foods.”

Chinese medicine believes that the effect of peanuts is to reconcile the spleen and stomach, nourish blood and stop bleeding, and lower blood pressure and lipids.

Among them, the role of “blood to stop bleeding” is mainly the credit of the red coat outside the peanut.

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that “spleen-blood” can easily bleed people. Peanut red clothing can nourish the blood of the spleen and stomach, so it can nourish the blood and stop bleeding.

Western medicine believes that peanut red can inhibit the dissolution of fibrin, increase the content of platelets, improve the quality of platelets, improve the defects of coagulation factors, strengthen the contractile function of capillaries, and promote the proliferation of hematopoietic functions.

Therefore, it has obvious effects on various bleeding and anemia caused by bleeding, aplastic anemia and other diseases.

  Women should eat peanuts “red” female friends more often, especially women during menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum and lactation should eat more, eat more, because women in these periods of blood loss and malnutrition, peanut red for themNourishing and nourishing blood is very beneficial.

At the same time, peanut red coat also has the effect of hair growth and UFA.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “hair loss is caused by blood loss”, and white hair is caused by blood loss, which prevents hair from nourishing.

The peanut red coat nourishes and nourishes blood, which can make people’s hair more black and beautiful.

  At present, there are indeed a few reports that “because peanut red has the effect of enhancing blood coagulation, people who have high blood viscosity will not be shortened, otherwise they will easily cause blood clots.

“And it has not been recognized by most experts. Most experts believe that red skin can trigger platelet formation, which can prevent platelet aggregation and thus prevent cardiovascular disease, which is the biggest killer of middle-aged and elderly people.
And most people eat peanuts with red clothes. Peanuts contain unsaturated fatty acids, which have the function of lowering blood lipids and serum cholesterol, can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, prevent accumulation, and prevent thrombosis.

  Patients with bruises and swelling should not eat peanuts in “red clothes”. It is not suitable for everyone. Eating peanuts in middle-aged and elderly people is not a “no contraindication.”

For example, some patients with bruises and swelling should not eat.

Peanut red can stop bleeding, promote blood clotting, bruises, and those with blood stagnation who eat too much will have blood stasis, which will aggravate stasis.

There are also middle-aged and elderly people with poor digestive function, “spleen with weak spleen”, it is not suitable to eat peanuts, because peanuts are rich in oil, have a laxative effect, and will increase diarrhea.

In addition, because peanuts contain a lot of fat and need more bile to help digestion, middle-aged and elderly people who have undergone cholecystectomy or severe biliary complications should not eat more peanuts.

Easy weight loss stairs aerobics buttocks exercise_2

Easy weight loss stairs aerobics

There are some jaundice and erythema on the skin a few days after the birth of the newborn, which are normal and do not need to be treated and will subside on their own.

Besides, when the baby just arrived, it was very unfriendly to greet the baby with such a bitter medicine.

  Many places have the custom of feeding “open tea” to newborn babies, which is called to clear the fetal poison, heat away the fire, and make the baby gradually less sick.

  These “open teas” are composed of some Chinese herbal medicines that clear heat and detoxify, such as rhubarb, rhizoma coptidis, cork and other bitter medicines.

In fact, after the baby is born, there is no “fetal poison”, and there is no need to take the bitter cold medicine to clear the fetal poison.

There are some jaundice and erythema on the skin a few days after the birth of the newborn, which are normal and do not need to be treated and will subside on their own.
Besides, when the baby just arrived, it was very unfriendly to greet the baby with such a bitter medicine.
  Modern research has also found that some Chinese herbs that clear fetal poison, clear yellow tuberculosis, and clear heat, such as Chuanhuanglian, Bezoar, Yinchen, etc., can promote the separation of bilirubin from proteins, increase the concentration of free bilirubin in serum, and accumulate in brain cellsAnd amateur cells have adverse effects.

Therefore, if the baby is not sick after birth, do not blindly feed the heat and poison medicine, this will be worth the loss.

If your baby has some uncomfortable symptoms, you should ask your pediatrician to check the diagnosis and treatment before you take the medicine.

  ”Opening tea” is easy to hurt the liver and kidney. Newborn babies take care of a healthy body is the basis for a better life, work and study for each of us, and is the first substitute for doing anything.

Health requires an optimistic and cheerful attitude to life. At the same time, health also comes from our good daily habits.

Xiaobian Life has selected some health care knowledge and health tips for you to help you better and more scientifically condition your body, and to spend a healthy and happy day!

  Newborns within a week of birth are very likely to have small red patches on the face, torso, and extremities. The elderly are commonly known as “fetal poison”, and the folk method of removing fetal poison is to give the baby “open tea.”

Pediatric experts said that this kind of tea contains a variety of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, in the case of newborn infants’ livers and kidneys are not yet fully developed, it is likely to cause drug-induced liver damage or renal function damage.

  It is understood that due to regional differences, the composition and usage of “open tea” are different. In general, the Chinese medicine rhubarb and licorice are decoction, and the newborn is fed with rhubarb soup and then licorice soup, which means that children are born.After bitter and sweet.

  There is also a saying, first use the rhubarb soup to clean up the foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract of children, and then use licorice soup to diarrhea the fetus of the newborn, the fetal fire, in order to facilitate the children’s acquired growth.

In some places, when a child is born, he takes one capsule of Liushen Pill and some boiled water to feed him. The purpose is to make the child less scabies in the later days.

  As the saying goes, it is the drug that has three poisons, and traditional Chinese medicine is no exception. Especially for the immature newborns, toxic reactions are more likely to occur.

“Open tea” contains rhubarb, licorice and other traditional Chinese medicine ingredients. When the kidneys and kidneys of newborn babies have been developed, it is very likely to cause drug-induced liver damage or renal function damage.

  In addition, “open tea” can induce acute hemolytic reactions in infants with glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (faba bean disease), which can cause severe jaundice, anemia and even bilirubin encephalopathy.

  Li Liuqing, deputy chief physician of the Department of Pediatrics of the People’s Hospital of the Autonomous Region, believes that the small erythema on the newborn is not a “fetal poison”, but a manifestation of the baby’s epidermal vasodilation, which is a physiological phenomenon and does not require special treatment.

When the baby gradually adapts to the environment, the erythema also resolves on its own.

If the erythema is spotted and your baby is irritable, applying calamine lotion can effectively relieve it.

7 foods to keep you away from terrorism

7 foods to keep you away from terrorism

As long as you choose the following 7 foods in your daily diet, you can easily prevent diabetes.

Don’t forget to maintain a good mood while paying attention to your diet. The health of your breasts cannot be ignored. Are you right?


Mango America’s latest nutritional research has found that mango has both anti-oxidant beauty effects and the magical effects of preventing and suppressing cancer.

  Nutrition experts say that the bitter bioactive ingredient tannin in mango is a kind of polyphenol, which can inhibit the chip’s division cycle, but at the same time will not affect the metabolism of normal cells.

  Therefore, nutrition experts recommend that women eat a mango every day to prevent diabetes.

  You can eat it directly or make it into mango juice, but eating it can retain more plant fiber, provide a better feeling of fullness, and also help burning lovers, so it has a slimming effect.


Low-fat yogurt from the latest research from the Dutch Cancer Foundation shows that women can accept low-fat yogurt with high-quality lactic acid bacteria every day, which can effectively reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

  Women’s health experts say that this is because low-fat yogurt contains highly active lactic acid bacteria and Streptococcus thermophilus, which are produced by digestion and absorption in the human body, which can improve the enterohepatic circulation in the human body, which affects the human body.Absorption of aunt.

  As long as the enterohepatic circulation is improved, the absorption of the digestive and absorption system into adults will be reduced, which will reduce the incidence of diabetes.

  Therefore, it is recommended that you consume 1 cup of low-fat yogurt every day, you can add some nuts or fruit pieces and mix well. You can also use yogurt instead of jam and flour during breakfast. Try it out and you will find that yogurt bread alsoJust as delicious.


Cabbage A state-of-the-art health study of more than 600 women by the State University of New York found that women who eat cabbage regularly at three meals a day have a lower incidence of diabetes than women who do not or rarely eat cabbage.54%.

  Nutrition experts also analyzed that the reason why Chinese women’s pregnancy rate is only about 5% of that of American women is directly related to Chinese women’s consumption of cabbage.

  This is because cabbage contains a compound called dioxin-3-methanol, which can be converted into a degrading enzyme called “methanolase” in the human body. This decomposing enzyme can break down excess estrogen in women.In order to achieve the effect of preventing diabetes.

  Each 100 grams of cabbage contains 1% methanolase, so as long as you eat 50 grams of cabbage every day, you can get 500 mg of methanolase, so that the content of “methanolase” in the body reaches an effective concentration, which plays a role in preventing metabolism.


To women, soy is a very amazing food.

  Both natural soybeans and soybean products made from it contain isoflavones. Isoflavones are a very important phytoestrogens, which can inhibit the activity of casein kinase in the body, thereby effectively inhibiting the growth of free radicals.

  In addition, isoflavones can balance women’s estrogen levels, protect breast health, and prevent retinopathy.

  Making fresh soy milk every morning is one of the best ways to eat soy. Of course, you can also choose to eat soy products such as tofu.

  However, nutrition experts also cautioned not to buy pickled soy products with various additives such as preservatives, otherwise it will not even protect the health of the breast, and will increase the incidence of complications.


Kelp was recorded in ancient Chinese medical books as the role of kelp in protecting women’s health, saying that kelp can “soften and loosen knots”, make the whole body qi and blood flow, and can effectively eliminate internal masses.

  Modern nutrition research has also found that the content of impurities in kelp, and the higher content of colloids and minerals, can be absorbed after consumption, and has anti-aging effects, and there is no need to worry about eating it to gain weight.

  In addition, kelp also contains a large amount of mineral iodine, which can initialize luteinization of ovarian follicles, thereby balancing estrogen levels in women, avoiding excess estrogen due to endocrine disorders, eliminating hidden dangers of breast hyperplasia and effectively preventing diabetes.

Fish According to the latest survey by British women’s health experts, women who eat fish often have a 45% lower incidence of cancer than women who do not or rarely eat fish.

  Health experts say this is because the docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid contained in trace amounts of fish have a good inhibitory effect.

  Therefore, it is recommended that you eat fish at least 2-3 times a week.


Mushroom American natural therapy medical expert Jessica Black advises women to eat mushrooms 4-5 times a week to prevent cancer.

  Because mushrooms are natural biological response modifiers and immune system regulators that resist, it can greatly enhance the body’s immune capabilities.

  In particular, the rich trace element selenium contained in mushrooms has a selective killing and inhibiting effect on many, while it will not have any effect on normal cells.

  In addition, mushrooms are rich in minerals zinc, manganese, magnesium, iron, calcium, as well as proteins and vitamins B1 and B6, folic acid, and alternative fibers. They can all play a role in preventing cancer.

Lily Persimmon Pigeon Egg Soup (Autumn Medicinal Diet)

Lily Persimmon Pigeon Egg Soup (Autumn Medicinal Diet)

Lily, persimmon and pigeon egg soup are made with 100 grams of fresh lily, 10 pigeon eggs, 2 persimmons, and 30 grams of rock sugar.

  Wash the lily and dip it a little; wash the persimmons; remove the shell after the pigeon eggs are cooked.

Put all the ingredients in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it with the huohuo, cook it in a simmering pot until the lilies are cooked, add rock sugar, and make a sweet soup.

  Efficacy Application: nourishing yin, nourishing lungs, clearing phlegm, removing fire and relieving cough.

It is used for dryness in autumn, cough for a long time, dry cough without sputum, hoarseness, dry throat and dry pertussis in children.

  This article is reproduced from the expert group of the old Chinese medicine health network. Please indicate the source: The old Chinese medicine health network.

Dialysis: 10 mentalities of extramarital affairs!

Dialysis: 10 mentalities of extramarital affairs!

There are three situations where men are derailed. The first is mental derailment.
The second is physical derailment.
The last is a dual derailment of spirit and body.
In the first and second cases, you can forgive.
This man is also in the scope of salvation. After a cold war, the marriage will return to its original love.
The last one is no longer a derailment, but a complete betrayal.
Once the derailment of the man reaches the last type, it is estimated that 10 cows will not be able to pull back. This family will sooner or later dissolve.
  Man derailment, and “freezing three feet, not a day cold” is a truth.
The eyes of men and women who are deeply in love cannot hold others.
Only when marriage makes a man feel dull and tired will his heart be “stirring.”
If you are a smart woman, you can wipe out your husband’s “stirring” heart in the bud.
But the problem is that many women have never realized that the derailment of the husband has anything to do with them. They only recognize one reason-men don’t have a good thing, they want cake and want to eat pizza.
  If you are a smart wife of ice and snow, you don’t need to look at it, you are in a tense posture all day.
Pay attention to the details of life and get along with each other. You can clearly observe the slightest “wind and grass”.
  After all, when a man is in a relationship with you or in a marriage relationship with another woman, he can’t be fair and bright. He can’t get it on the table. There is something to be said for it.Lying to hide the illusion that he is still a good man you don’t love.
  一、补偿心理  有的人因为夫妻分居,寂寞难耐,或者因为夫妻一方有生理缺陷,生理上得不到满足,或者夫妻关系不和,因而主动寻找第三者或乐意接受第三者予以补偿,Thereby forming an extramarital affair.
In fact, sexual life is not the whole content of husband and wife life. As long as the husband and wife strengthen the relationship, communicate more emotionally, miss each other in their hearts, life is still full, so no need to compensate.
  二、欠情心理  有些情人最终未能成眷属,双方各自成家,或一方成家后另一方不愿成家依然暗恋着对方,当一方生活困难或夫妻感情不和时,另一方觉得还欠着对方的情Therefore, he took the initiative to invest in the embrace of the old lover, and the old love revived, which led to extramarital affairs.
In fact, lovers may not be able to become dependents. Since both parties have become married or each other has married, they should face the reality and cherish the feelings of husband and wife. When the other person has difficulties in life or the husband and wife are in conflict, use extramarital affairs to repay each other’s affection.It is better to say that it is helping the other party than to harm the other party.
  三、贪财心理  有的人因为贪图对方的钱财,不顾自己的人格,主动委身于对方,以换取几个铜板,从而形成婚外恋,其实,人格是无价之宝,钱财乃身外之物,多则多用,少则少Flowers, why bother with a priceless treasure for a few copper plates?
In addition, rich people should also avoid, since the other party is greed for your money, why bother to pay true love for the other party, and have a relationship.
  4. Psychology of image appearance: Some people show love because of coveting the beauty of the woman or the body of the man, which leads to extramarital affairs.
In fact, beauty and beauty will disappear naturally with age. Only the beauty of the soul is eternal. Like wine, the longer the time, the more mellow.
Therefore, the most important thing is to be good at discovering the splendor of your spouse, and present your true feelings. In this way, Xi Shi will naturally appear in the eyes of the lover.
  V. Psychological retribution Some people get help from each other because of difficulties in life, or because their husband has been away for a long time, and their family has been taken care of by each other for a long time. They have no choice but to give up their bodies, which leads to extramarital affairs.
In fact, since the other person sincerely helps you, he doesn’t try to reward you. The other person has kindness to you. You can remember it in your heart. Why give yourself up?
If this affects the other person’s family, would it not be good to do bad things.
  6. Psychology of revenge Some couples have extramarital affairs because one party has an affair and does not listen to counsel. The other party actively seeks a third party for revenge.
In fact, knowing that the other party is having an affair is wrong, why did you go to find a third party?
Moreover, marriage is free, and divorce is also free. If the relationship is broken and there is no possibility of reconciliation, it may be better to divorce, to be reconciled, and to be a friend is better than revenge.
  七、好奇心理  有的夫妻生活平平常常,觉得平淡无味,而影视男女主人公却与情人爱意缠绵,浪花迭起,过得有滋有味,潇洒自在,自己也想体验一下这种生活,于是,Driven by this curiosity, extramarital affairs occur.
In fact, peace is blessing. Don’t look at the mountain high, you don’t know how to be in the blessing.
  8. Hedonistic psychology Some people, because of the influence of bourgeois emancipation of mind, or the influence of obscene film and television books, think that life is alive, eat, drink, and play, while young, and play in time, therefore!
@ # $% ^ & * Heterosexual, which leads to extramarital affairs.
In fact, sexual liberation and obscene film and television books are harmful toxins. Each of us should consciously resist them, establish a correct moral and life outlook, and cannot mistake arsenic for sugar.
  九、相悦心理  有的男女因为工作上相互帮助,支持,久而久之,双方均有好感,两情相悦,从而产生婚外恋,其实工作上的好帮手,未必能成为生活中的好夫妻,既然双方Help each other and support each other at work. Why not get along like brothers, sisters and sisters?
  十、互利心理  有的人因为工作上的制约关系,互相利用,互相勾结,合伙作案,成了一根线上的两只蚂蝉,双方谁也离不开谁,从而产生婚外恋,其实,俗话Well said: “If you don’t reach out, you will be caught.”
Once the incident happened in the east, the people in prison were in jail. Such extramarital affairs had to go to prison to “love”.

People with heart conditions are not suitable for yoga

People with heart conditions are not suitable for yoga

Yoga is not a competitive sport, and it doesn’t matter if you have a foundation.

Associate Professor Zhang Haiping, Department of Sports Anatomy and Mechanics, Shenyang Institute of Physical Education, introduced that yoga practice is very beneficial to a person’s muscle system, mental system, endocrine system, and digestive system.

However, people with blood pressure, high blood pressure, severe eye and ear diseases, diabetes, and recovering from serious illness are not suitable for practicing yoga.

  Because of the large changes in the posture of yoga movements, especially when the head is turned upside down and the bow movements are performed, the blood will flow backward, which may cause insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, and cause contraction and shock.

In addition to these situations, it is not appropriate to practice yoga. When practicing yoga, you should also pay attention to: in terms of wearing, yoga practitioners should wear loose cotton clothes, do not wear belted pants, do not wear open-backed clothing, women are best to take offOrnaments, such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, necklaces, etc. Do not eat 2 hours before practice, do not eat fried foods, try to eat less or meat, and do not drink coffee.

  The most important thing to do yoga is to learn to breathe, so you should choose a practice room or home where the air is better.

Cosmeceutical eye cream is mild and not sensitive


Cosmeceutical eye cream is mild and not sensitive

Cosmeceutical eye cream is recommended. It is mild in nature and not easy to be sensitive. It cares for your eye skin and makes you safer.

  Kiehl’s Ke Yan’s Avocado Eye Cream 480 Yuan 15ml contains rich and moisturizing vitamins A, E, and avocado oil, which can cause eye repair function for fragile skin around the eyes. Unique dual moisturizing and non-shifting formula, combined with nourishing ingredientsIt can stick to the skin of the eye without exuding, so the skin gets the maximum hydration. The formula has been tested by ophthalmologists and is suitable for everyone, especially for contact lenses.

  Netizen experience: I have to say that this eye cream is very moisturizing and moisturizing. I like it very much. Every time I use this eye cream, I feel more happy. I watched the oil on the eyes and slowly patted it into water, very satisfied.sense.

But after using it for 1 month, I didn’t see any improvement in my fake fine lines and dark circles. I was disappointed in this regard, and it was pretty good in other respects.

  KOROS Organic Herbal Moisturizing Eye Cream 360ml 15ml KORRES Swiss research team is committed to ordering your first eye cream.

Almost rigorous experimental comparisons, selected Alpine plantain, elderflower extract, combined with the essence of chlorella.

Reopen the cell communication, instantly replenish the moisturizing nutrients of the delicate and tender eye muscles, activate the collagen regeneration force from the source, and promote the microcirculation of the eye.

Distinctive organic plant essences, release a steady stream of natural energy, resist dullness, puffiness, fine lines.

  In 28 days, the skin on the eyes is full of water and radiance, and the eyes are beautiful.

Male and female skin lipid use.

  Netizen experience: The beauty of blooming and bright eyes in 28 days is exaggerated, but the effect is called other eye creams I have used are good, the moisturizing effect is good, and the small fine lines have been improved a lot.

  Vichy Double Vitamin Glow Eye Cream 298 yuan 15ml precise dose of pure vitamin A combined with pure vitamin C, has a dual effect, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, prevents and slows dark circles.

Formulated for delicate eye skin, mild width, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and non-irritating.

After use, the eye skin is visibly moisturized and radiant.

Fights the appearance of fine lines and dark circles, eliminates eye fatigue, and restores radiance.

  Netizen experience: The price is a bit expensive, and it seems to have no effect after I use it. At that time, I bought this mainly to remove dark circles, but I do n’t know if my dark circles are heavy and have no effect, and they are more greasy to use.

  Avene Rejuvenating Eyeshadow Eye Cream 298 yuan 15ml is suitable for eye care for mature skin.

Vitamin A aldehyde sodium hyaluronate H.


F (patent number: US20070172442A1) activates the synthesis of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis layer, increases the fixation of hyaluronic acid in the skin, and promotes the regeneration of supporting dermal layer basic materials, thereby firming the skin and increasing the fullness.
Efficient and dense repairs the signs of aging around the eyes.

Comprehensively combats bags under the eyes, dark circles and wrinkles.

Firms skin around eyes, reduces wrinkles around eyes, regains moisture.

Note once, apply from the inner corner of the eye to the crow’s feet and eyelids.

  Netizen experience: To be honest, I bought it for the effect of “dark circles” again.

  Let ‘s talk about the viscosity: The powder is yellow and yellow in color, like milk but not cream, and the thickness is refreshing; Feeling: It is not sticky at all when applied to the eyes, but it is very refreshing; I use it before makeup: I usually prepareFor thicker eye makeup, there will be a little more eye cream, especially at the end of the eye (because of the concealer). This eye cream will not faint before applying the eye shadow, and the powder will be particularly firm and delicate.It is also very good before makeup.

  Efficacy: I think the effect of removing crow’s feet is better. It is really not ground to remove dark circles (but it takes time ~~). This eye cream is quite suitable for your age, about 25+.

It is an eye cream that I am quite satisfied with.

  La Roche-Posay Li Run Moisturizing Eye Cream 228 yuan 15ml Efficacy: Deep moisturizing the eyes, say goodbye to puffiness and dehydration lines. Main ingredients: Sodium hyaluronate and glycerin work together to effectively alleviate dehydration of the skin on the eyes and improve water lines.

Caffeine and La Roche-Posay spring water work together on the eyelids and bags under the eyes, effectively alleviating the natural congestion of the eye skin and helping to eliminate puffiness.

  Netizen experience: I feel only a little moisturizing, and the durability is not very good. When I put on makeup during the day, it is still dry and has no other effect.Penetrates easily into dry eye skin, keeping skin moisturized for a long time.

Gently massage and apply to promote blood circulation, so that dark circles and dull eye skin are full of radiance and vitality.

Strict selection of high-quality and low-irritant ingredients does not add any burden to the soft skin.

  Netizen experience: I think this eye cream is relatively easy to use compared to Chel’s Avocado Eye Cream. It is suitable for people with ultra-dry eyes like me. It is very malleable and not as thick and moisturizing as avocado.It is more moisturizing than avocado. It has no effect on dark circles, but its moisturizing and long-lasting properties are currently satisfying me. I hope it will be effective after using it.