25 + mm anti-aging project is about to begin_1

25 + mm anti-aging project is about to begin

Most women think that 25 is still young, but in fact, this is only a superficial phenomenon.

In fact, the growth period of the skin usually ends at about 25 years old. After that, growth and aging must be carried out at the same time, so 25 years old is the watershed between young skin and aging skin.

So, pay attention to the 25 + mm, your anti-aging project should start.

  1, hydrating.

Choosing the formula of trace minerals will help the skin to recover itself. It can make the skin absorb oxygen instead and store sufficient energy in the cells.

Cell protection formula containing ginkgo, ginseng, natural soybean extract, witch hazel and other plant extracts can speed up blood circulation, and the cell protection formula can prevent premature wrinkles.

  2. Sun protection.

UVA in the sun is one of the two main causes of skin aging.

Daily application of sunscreen (sun protection factor of 15 or more) can reduce the degree of skin photoaging.

  3. Regularly use a mask with various effects to clean, provide nutrition, moisture, and even water-oil balance, so that the slack and dull skin becomes moisturized and moisturized, and the elasticity of the skin is restored.

  4. Firming.

Look for “tightening” skin care products. Preset with each application, and push from the bottom up to prevent sagging skin.

  5. Avoid large pores.

If you are born with large pores, you can often do a facial cleansing treatment to keep the pores clean, prevent bacterial infections, and avoid larger pores.

  6. Use a refreshing eye cream.

Eye cream is a nutritional product, nutritious granules, and relatively heavy in size. At the age of thirty, you don’t need too much nutrition. You only need to ensure that the moisture increases, you can choose a light eyelid-shaped eye cream.

  7, eat vitamins every day.

Vitamin C helps to dilute and break down the melanin that has formed. It also inhibits the growth of new melanin and accelerates the elimination of melanin from the epidermis or blood.

  8. Participate in aerobic exercise.

Proper exercise such as jogging and swimming can speed up the skin’s blood circulation and help cells to inhale oxygen, 3 times a week?
5 times, each time 20?
30 minutes of aerobic exercise will make your skin rosy.

  9, to ensure adequate sleep.

When you fall asleep, the skin’s metabolic work really begins, with constant metabolism and self-regulation.

  10. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol.

The age of wrinkles on the skin of smokers is more than ten years earlier than that of non-smokers. The main reason is that nicotine shrinks the blood vessels of the skin. Drinking alcohol will reduce the amount of oil in the skin, accelerate water loss, and indirectly affect the normal function of the skin.

Is your job search resume the king?

Is your job search resume “the king”?

Experts estimate that about 30% of people will “inject water” into their resumes.
  Based in New Jersey, ADP is a human resources services company. According to the company’s statistics in 2001, 44% of job applicants lied in their resumes; 41% of them lied in education; and 23%Falsify their credit records and related documents.
  ”I don’t think this deception will go away.
“Gill, the chairman of the Employment Management Association?
Harold said.
“I think that fierce competition and conventional recognition make people think that deceptive behavior in the workplace is acceptable-not only in the interview, but also in the daily business field.
“MC &; COO Hyland of Company B?
Vicki shares the same view.
  Experts advise HR people to be vigilant against this phenomenon, “We are not suggesting that HR people assume that all job applicants are liars.
“Lester, President of ESR Consulting
Rosen said: “But a bad hiring decision will have a negative impact on the entire organization and cause legal and financial disputes for the company. From a small perspective, hiring a liar will increase your futureHe adds additional recruitment and training costs, and what is worse: your company may face business losses or even legal proceedings. ”
  Some lies are easy to spot, but apart from some obvious external characteristics, it is very difficult to spot lies.
What many human resource managers agree with is that “the candidate can tell whether he is lying or not” is an unrealistic illusion.
Many experts believe that restlessness, stuttering, and avoidance of the gaze are often just a sign that the candidate is nervous during the interview, which does not mean that he is a liar.
  Real liar masters often don’t have the above characteristics. “Actually, the liar veterans’ performance is just the opposite. They will behave surprisingly calmly and have very few body movements.
“Daniel, the president of Walker Management Consulting.
Fisher, who is also a psychologist, said so.
“People often slow down when they lie so they can concentrate on making up their lies, while at the same time they rarely use body language and maintain eye contact.
“For some people, lying has become their habit.
They no longer have to deliberately make up anything.
“Rosen said:” Their lies are not only written in their resumes, they will also tell their friends, because the mentions are so many times that the fake seems to have become true.
For them, lying has become second nature, and mouthfuls of lying are normal.
According to Ball, a professor of psychology at the University of California?
In Ekman’s research, it is difficult for people to judge which are the truth and which are the lies based on their instincts, but most people often think they can judge them.
In many years of research, Ekman has tested more than 6,000 people, including school students, police officers, judges, lawyers, the FBI, and CIA agents.
After research, he found that 95% of them are judging whether a person’s words are real-time, and most of them are based on “guessing”-like throwing a coin.
  Ekman advises HR people: “Be careful about your judgments based on your behavior.
You better not believe your intuition, because it is often wrong.

Customized excursions for babies

Customized excursions for babies

What are the benefits of traveling with your baby?

  1. Release stress and let go of your mood.

Being in the mountains and rivers, and being psychologically away from the hustle and bustle of the city, naturally releases the tension and anxiety, restores the soul, and gains the confidence and wisdom to actively meet the challenges.

  2. Stimulate thinking and sprout innovation.

From the perspective of human physiological and psychological mechanisms, spring tour is beneficial to stimulate the “happy center” of the human brain, which makes people feel comfortable, happy, lubricated, and stimulates creativity.

  3. Nature education, imperceptibly.

Man-made education is mostly axious, repressive, and lacks human care. It is inspired by nature and gains wisdom from experience. It is shaped like a spring rain, and its effect is happy and practical.

This is particularly necessary and convenient for children’s education.

  4. Stimulate love and increase aesthetics.

Get close to nature and feel the feelings of nature; The wonderful combination of human and natural landscapes is the easiest to inspire people’s aesthetic taste, evoke love and love life; especially when people’s dreams and the beauty of spring collide in an instant, they often make people’s heartsEpiphany and sublimation; in the end, enlighten people to reflect and urge people to forge ahead.

  What activities are suitable for babies?

  Walking: If parents want to walk with the baby who can walk on their own, and let the baby walk for a maximum of 30 minutes, you must let him rest.
  Mountain climbing: Little babies under the age of 2 are not suitable for mountain climbing, because physical strength cannot be loaded, and walking is also allowed. When you go out, you must bring a stroller. Sometimes the baby needs a parent to hold or carry it.Adults are a big burden; moreover, children over 2 years of age have better physical development and are more stable in walking. They can climb stairs, run, and jump on their own without falling down, which is more suitable for mountain climbing activities.

  Swimming: If you go to the beach for tourism, parents bring their baby to the swimming pool, they must focus on following the baby, because when the parents turn around and one does not pay attention, the baby is prone to emergency situations; and parents are not familiar with the water depth.In circumstances, parents are not encouraged to take too small a baby to swim.

  Ball games: It is best to try ball games when taking your baby outdoors, because this kind of sports will help your baby’s physical development.

Mom and dad can take the child to the park and practice letting him catch or pick up the ball, so that he can train the ability of hand movements, balance of limbs, and muscle tension training.

  Kite flying: Kite flying in the wind and sunny nature is the best sunbathing and air bath.

Running and stopping limb movements can enhance cardiopulmonary function and enhance metabolism.

Kite staring at the blue sky and white clouds with binocular, focusing, comforting, tranquil, this mental state strengthens the regulating function of advanced neural activities, and promotes the adjustment and improvement of the physiological functions of the body tissues and organs.

  Picnic: Picnic is an important skill in wild life.

Wandering outdoors and enjoying the natural scenery, while children’s spring outings are watching the scenery, picnic is a good choice for children to participate in, which not only exercises the children’s hands-on ability, but also enhances children’s ability to save themselves in the wild.

Recipes for beauty and diet in Xinjiang beauty


Recipes for beauty and diet in Xinjiang beauty

Uighurs look rosy for beauty.

There is a custom among Uighur folks who will have a good impression on people who meet for the first time. They are called “people who have eaten and drank”, which means that this person has the ability to use food and drink for health and vitalityMaterial basis.

In essence, it also shows the richness and prosperity of his family life.


hzh {display: none; }  用西瓜皮将面部和全身轻擦和按摩,可以使全身肌肤不仅得到美容和补水,对被烈日烘烤过的皮肤还有镇静作用,是天然的美容护肤佳品。  Use cream (also known as milk skin) and melon (that is, cantaloupe) juice to wipe your hands to keep the skin moist and shiny. This habit is that Uygur women are rarely young and old, and they are always popular in village pastoral areas or towns.

In the fish-producing area of the Tarim River, people also wipe their faces with fish oil to prevent wrinkles and cracks.

The Uyghur folk, whose beauty is the cream of female skin, believes that cream and sheep oil are moisturized and white, which can cause magical “contagion” to human skin.

  Uighur women also use cherry water and rose juice to mix face and lips. They think that rouge and lipstick are used. These natural plants have the function of skin care and beauty. They can also be used for facial massage and blood circulation., Increase skin tenderness and rosy.

How to Do Yoga 6 Week Weight Loss Plan

How to Do Yoga 6 Week Weight Loss Plan

A new weight loss method that has gradually emerged recently, he neither needs exercise nor dieting, which is called yoga.

I do n’t know how it works, but someone has provided a more complete 6-week weight loss plan.

  Now you have to continue to practice yoga postures to ensure that your weight is balanced.

If you want to recover your body weight, you need to practice yoga selectively. In the initial stage, you cannot require all the exercises, and you don’t need to achieve the desired results and barely practice breakthrough methods.

Many simple Asana poses have significant effects on controlling weight and adjusting physical conditions.

  When you first start practicing, you should never exercise too many postures. You should be gradual and persistent.

In the first week, you start to follow the posture I recommend, and in the second, third, and subsequent weeks, gradually increase the number.

I hope your progress is steady and there is no feeling of fatigue so as not to delay your normal life, and I have already said that controlling weight through yoga exercises is slow and continuous. If you understand these principles,Please continue.

  In the first week1, the unilateral supine position should be practiced at least 8 times a day, and each leg should be practiced 4 times.

  2. Do not supine more than 6 times a day.

  Continue the above method the second week, and then add the following postures.

  1. The snake type is guaranteed 4 times a day.

  2, fly-type guarantee 4 times a day.

  In the third week, continue with the methods of the first and second weeks, and then increase the following posture 1, and practice the balance 6 times a day, and alternately exercise 3 times for each leg.

  2. The bent leg exercise is practiced 6 times a day, and each leg is practiced 3 times alternately.

  On the fourth week, continue the first, second, and third week methods, and then increase the following postures.

  1. Prayer Yang practice 4 times a day.

  2. Practice the reverse bow 4 times a day.

  The fifth week continues with the first, second, third, and fourth methods, and then increases the following postures.

  1. Half-side exercises are performed 4 times a day and 2 times on each side.

  2, the forward flexion exercise 4 times a day.

  In the sixth week, continue the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth week methods, and then increase the following postures.

  1. Sleep Thunder practice 4 times a day.

  2, the fish king style exercises 2 times a day.

  If you do it right, you can get 2-4 pounds more than your aunt in a month, so what should you do in the seventh week?

  You have a few options: first, you can restore your old habits and go back to the old days.

  Second, you can choose your favorite non-yoga exercise method to increase your exercise and maintain your physical condition.

  Third, you can do this yoga exercise every one or two months to maintain your body.

Children who eat too much vegetables can also cause trouble

Children who eat too much vegetables can also cause trouble

[Introduction]Now there are more and more fat children. Many mothers think that this is the result of excess nutrition. In order to avoid this situation for their own children, they should give their children more vegetables.
In fact, comprehensive nutrition and balanced diet is the best diet strategy.
  某些蔬菜含较多的草酸易形成结石  菠菜、芹菜、番茄等含有较多的草酸,与其他食物中的钙结合,容易形成草酸钙结石,这是很多喜欢吃素的女性易患结石病的原因one.
  It is easy to aggravate the stone disease. Most vegetables are alkaline foods. For patients who already have calcium phosphate stones, eating a large amount of alkaline foods daily can increase the stones, and it is not easy to be excreted from the body.
  Difficult to digest vegetables with high crude fiber content, such as celery, spring bamboo shoots, etc., are difficult to digest after eating in large quantities, and should not be eaten by patients with gastrointestinal diseases.
Crude fiber can also easily cause gastric bleeding or esophageal varices bleeding in patients with liver cirrhosis, and aggravate the condition.
  Affects the absorption of calcium and zinc. For pregnant women and children and adolescents during growth and development, a large intake of vegetables will hinder the absorption of calcium and zinc in the body and affect children’s intellectual development and bone growth.
  If you eat a lot of vegetables for “dieting” and “satisfaction”, reducing or fasting meat and fish will not only affect the body’s intake and absorption of essential fatty acids and high-quality proteins, cause protein malnutrition, and hinder absorption from food intake.Rich in nutrients such as calcium, iron and zinc.
Women should pay special attention to avoid iron deficiency anemia and calcium deficiency caused by excessive vegetarian diet.

Psychological intervention for earthquake victims needs urgent follow-up

Psychological intervention for earthquake victims needs urgent follow-up

Reading this news early in the morning on the 13th, I kept choking and my eyes filled with tears.

Yes, my relatives left suddenly, my wife was scattered, my family broke up, or my white hair was given to someone, or my parents were lost and helpless. The students who lived with each other were separated from each other. The people who were injured and disabled have fundamentally reversed their lives.―Why will they accept the sudden disaster, how to persist in the belief of living, how to calmly cope with the changed fate of life in the future, especially those underage children, how to get out of the dark shadow, and get out of the major psychological crisis?

For them, in addition to material rescue, physical healing, and the warmth of the government, they also need family comfort, pressure relief, and psychological intervention.

  Zhao Guoqiu, a member of the National Emergency Response Expert Committee of the Ministry of Health, said that many survivors who have experienced disasters or disasters are unlikely to cause the damage caused by this experience.

The physical wound healed quickly, but the psychological wounds no longer left.

Psychological crisis intervention is like a crutch. Successful psychological intervention does not erase the memory of the disaster, but puts the memory within the victim’s psychological tolerance.

The famous leg trembles when you go down the mountain. This cane can help you.

  According to reports, due to various types of natural disasters, plus human accidents, traffic accidents, and violent incidents, about 200 million people on average are affected by varying degrees every year.

Paying attention to mental health and intervening in psychological crisis is not only a normal choice after the improvement of citizens’ living standards, but also reflects the degree of humanistic care and civilization of a country.

In Western countries, psychological crisis intervention has become a natural part of rescue and disaster relief.


After the 11 incident, more than 1,000 expert teams in the United States psychologically intervened in the military, which played a huge role in improving efficiency and protecting the mental health of rescue workers.

The good news is that on April 17, 2002, the relevant state departments jointly issued the “China Mental Health Work Plan”, which listed the affected population as a key population. It was proposed that by 2010, 50% of the affected population will receive psychological assistanceservice.

  However, the contrast is that there are currently less than 15,000 psychiatrists in the country, and less than one-third of them have expertise in crisis intervention.

Typhoon Sangmei hit Cangnan, Zhejiang, which affected 2.25 million people. Only 31 people were sent to intervene in the crisis.

Crisis intervention networks, especially community networks, are still largely empty in most areas.

The Mental Health Law, which has been carried out concurrently with psychological crisis intervention and medical assistance, disease prevention and control, and material relief, as prescribed by law, has not yet been issued.

In this earthquake relief, providing standardized and scientific psychological crisis intervention for survivors is of course an indispensable aid.

We sincerely expect that psychologists can make a difference.

How to choose a fit gym

How to choose a fit gym

Maybe you want to go to the gym long ago, but you are afraid to expose your imperfect body shape.

If this is the case, please pick up the weight loss NO.

1: Go to choose a fitness suit that suits you, let yourself rebuild confidence, and step into the gym.

  If you have narrow shoulders, a thin chest, a wide waist, and your waist is easy to accumulate, and the body curve is not obvious, then you are diamond-shaped.

You can choose light-colored sports pants with “n” -shaped dividing lines on the side of the crotch, or a one-piece suit with dark track pants, which uses dark edges to reduce the visual area of the crotch and thighs.

  If your chest, waist, and cymbal changes are not obvious, and the curve does not fluctuate greatly from the front, then you belong to a straight body type, that is, an H-shaped body type.

You should choose one-piece fitness clothing with a dark waist or one-piece fitness clothing with a large waist jigsaw puzzle.

If the body is slightly fat, you can choose a split-type fitness clothing with a shirt that is longer than the abdomen. This can effectively reduce the waist area visually.

  The short leg type is suitable for the one-piece fitness suit with high heels and dark fitness shorts. This style can shorten the length of the upper body, visually lengthen the leg lines, and you can also choose to have decorative lines on the waist lineFitness top to divert others’ focus.

  There is also a strong plastic inverted triangle shape, that is, the Y font type, the top is full, the top is wide, and the crotch is relatively small.

Choose the two-color split style of the rotator cuff. From the overall point of view, the waist is appropriately widened. The shoulders are divided and reduced to balance the feeling of wide and narrow.

Chinese medicine replenishes silky skin easily

Chinese medicine replenishes silky skin easily

Traditional medicine believes that the human body is a universally connected whole, and the luster and moisturization of the skin are closely related to the functions of the viscera.

See how Chinese medicine replenishes water, and truly regulates the inside and the outside.

  Step1 hydration does not forget to strengthen the spleen and spleen as the basis of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood biochemistry.

The spleen and stomach function is normal, the qi and blood are strong, the human body can have excess water, and the skin can be moisturized.

Spleen and stomach dysfunction, body fluids are insufficient, just like the reservoir has no water source, the skin naturally cannot be nourished, and it will naturally become dry and yellow.

Therefore, hydration does not forget to strengthen the spleen first. Only by strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi, can the body fluid be transformed, and the yang qi can be adequately spread with the yang qi, laying a good start for moisturizing the skin.

  Representative drugs: Angelica sinensis, Poria angelica sinensis: it has the functions of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, and lining stasis.

It has been used as a gynecological medicine since ancient times.

Modern research shows that Angelica sinensis contains volatile oil and many essential trace elements of the human body.

Long-term use of angelica can nourish the skin and prevent rough skin, causing the skin to regain its rosy color.

Angelica can expand and contract scalp capillaries, promote blood circulation, and is rich in trace elements. Therefore, Angelica can also prevent hair loss and white hair, and promote dark and shiny hair!

  Poria: Ningning soothe the nerves, nourish the spleen, tonify the kidneys, moisturize and dissipate water, modern research has proven that Poria contains triphenyls, polyphenols and choline, trace amounts, lecithin, potassium, magnesium and other elements.

Not only significantly improves the body’s immunity, but it can also release more oxygen through oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood to supply tissue cells.

At the same time, can we make cell tissues (including skin, mucous membranes, hair, etc.) more active, more active, and in a healthy state, so that our skin and hair become more moisturized and achieve a cosmetic effect.

  Therapeutic Essay: Poria clip cake is a nourishing traditional name in Beijing. This cake is best for pushing Daoxiang Village.

  Guiling ointment: Guiling ointment is a long-established traditional medicinal diet in Wuzhou, which can relieve itching, remove acne, and refreshing.

According to legend, it was originally a precious medicine specially used by the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty for the emperor’s consumption. It was used as Poria cocos, which had the effect of detoxifying and dehumidifying.

Buy it and eat it. Angelica stew chicken soup: 50 grams of Angelica sinensis, one black chicken, one ginger, moderate amount of water, simmered in low heat, seasoning and serving when the soup is thick.

  Step 2: Nourishing the skin will moisturize the lungs. We deliver dehydrated water to the body by strengthening the spleen, which timely replenishes the body’s moisture. How can this water be distributed to the whole body?

Tang Zonghai, a medical doctor in the Qing Dynasty, called the lungs “source above the water.” The water must pass through the lungs. The water is evenly irrigated to the human body, such as a fountain, to support the internal organs, muscles, and skin.

If the lungs are dysfunctional and lose the ability to dispense water, the body will not be properly nourished and nourished.

  Representative drugs: Luo Han Guo, almond Luo Han Guo: can clear the lungs and intestines.

Modern research shows that Luo Han Guo also has the function of purifying peroxides in the blood, which can improve the skin metabolism of the whole body to achieve the effect of hydration and beauty.

  Almonds: It has the effects of refreshing and quenching thirst, moisturizing lungs and asthma.

Modern research proves: Almond pigment monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, these two substances are very helpful to control or even reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, and have antioxidant functions, nourish the skin.

  Therapeutic sketch: Lily Luo Han Guo soup: 30 grams of lily, half of Luo Han Guo, 500 grams of chicken, 100 grams of lean pork, 3 slices of ginger.

Wash the medicinal materials, soak them a little, cut the chicken into pieces, wash the lean pork, put the ginger into a clay pot, add water, and boil the fire to a boil, then change the text to a hot pot for 2 hours and season.

  Chinese almonds are bitter almonds, which have a small poison, and should not be taken normally.

Generally used as sweet almonds, you can consider snacks to eat directly, can also be flavored or made into almond jelly, and can also be used as ingredients to add cakes, cookies and substitutions.

  Step3 Residual water needs to solidify the kidney and the main water. The water is transported from the lungs to the whole body. After nourishing the human body, it gathers in the kidney. Under the action of the kidney, it is urinated into two parts: the clear and the turbid.

The clear person, through the transpiration and vaporization of yang in the kidney, returns to the lungs, and the lungs spread the whole body to maintain the normal amount of water in the body.

Those who are turbid are transformed into urine.

Therefore, in addition to replenishing water and transmitting water to the human body, it is more important to strengthen the gasification of kidney yang to retain water!

Otherwise, no matter how much it makes up, it will be ruthlessly taken away by the cold wind.

  Representative drugs: Chinese yam, Polygonum multiflorum and Chinese yam: can not only supplement the qi of the lungs and spleen, but also benefit the yin of the lungs and kidneys, and can fix astringent kidney essence, so spleen and yang deficiency or deficiency of yin and lung can be used.

  Polygonum multiflorum: It has the effects of nourishing blood and nourishing blood, strengthening muscles and bones, and reorganizing and reducing weight.

Modern research shows that: Polygonum multiflorum contains rhein, emodin, lecithin, etc., can promote the activity of superoxide dismutase, can significantly expand blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, delay the aging process of cells, and inhibit the premature aging phenomenon that affects beauty.Delay effect!

  Therapeutic Essay: Yam is usually peeled and eaten to avoid abnormal taste such as tingling and thorns. It is often stewed with meat, or cooked in soup or porridge.Yam stewed burdock: Wash and peel yam, cut burdock into small pieces and simmer in water to remove foam

Fry the star anise into the pan and fry, then scallion ginger, add cooking wine, water, and sirloin, stir fry and cook in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes.

Add burdock to a wok, add yam, sugar, salt, and chicken essence to taste, and simmer until soft and savory.

  There are many ways to eat Polygonum multiflorum. It can be fried, boiled, or stewed.

Shouwu Chicken Soup: One black chicken is about 800 grams, 50 grams of Shouwu is made, ginger slices, moderate amount of water, simmered in low heat, and the meat can be seasoned when the soup is thick.

Eat soup and meat.

It can also be added with angelica and stewed with chicken for hairdressing and beauty. Its effect is very good.

  TIP Hydrating Wine-Honey is made from the essence of flowers, which can nourish yin and moisturize, moisturize the lungs, and detoxify, and cure toxins, tonicity, pleasing colors, and tones the stomach.

Modern research proves that the rich bioactive substances in honey can improve dryness and dehydration of winter skin, increase skin nutrition, and keep the skin smooth and smooth.

In particular, honey contains 47 trace elements, such as zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc., which are necessary for human health and beauty.

  Therapeutic Essay: The simplest: 250 grams of milk, add 30 grams of honey after boiling, warm on an empty stomach.

It has nourishing fitness and beauty skin function.

  Washing your face with fresh honey, making facial masks, replacing essential oils and massaging your body, etc. can moisturize your skin and whiten your skin and restore elasticity.

  It should be noted that honey has a bowel and laxative effect. Do not eat it if you have it, and avoid eating it with raw onions.

Perfect tease, aphrodisiac between couples

Perfect tease, aphrodisiac between couples

There is a male friend who is very likely at home but has affinity. In his words, it is “enviable.”

His experience is that he first convinces others, handles big things on his own, first wins his wife’s respect and even worships, and then plays some relatively nonsense comedians and even farce.

For example, his wife’s pajamas are more flowery, and they are called “flower girls”.

In busy days, Mr. “Living Treasure” can bring too many brisk clouds to the home and add points to the marriage.

The lady, dubbed “Five of the Four Beauties” by her husband, said that when she was too tired to say anything, she would appear on the sofa in time to do some “three-class massage” for her, which was very unprofessional., Will only cause itching.

But he said that it is at least “massage of the opposite sex”, and “three-rate” is better than indecent!

After a smile, tiredness disappeared immediately.

  One time before going to bed, the gentleman suddenly tightened his eyebrows: “Mrs., I have a question to ask you, the radishes are rotten in the field, my wife is pregnant, and the nurse has a small difference. Please type four words.

“Diploma, the wife who thinks that IQ is higher than her husband. After thinking about it for a long time, I still can’t answer it, so I have to let the husband say the standard answer quickly.

He pretended to be mysterious, and said to his wife’s ears, “These four words are-forget to pull!

“Such unscrupulous” teasing “is already commonplace in their married life.

The wife couldn’t help but laughed and turned over on the bed. Her husband took another flight to bend and itch, and fueled the fire. They started to “take the elevator”.

This is also his “yellow” vocabulary, because the advertisement says that it is “up and down enjoyment.”

“They have gradually established a” erotic culture “for couples that only they can understand.

  Marriage requires humor.

Because husband and wife have been together for a long time, there will be inertia, and humor is the best brake.

Many times, big men can turn around and make themselves clowns to make Beauties smile.

For example, put a note with “for sale” or “for rent” on your back or back before taking a bath.

Then she said cheekily, “Mrs., in order to save water, we have to wash the bathtub!”

“Laughter is the best aphrodisiac for a woman. When she smiles, she trembles and gets hot, the man is brought to fruition.

Western languages are far less developed and rich than Chinese characters, so when they speak, they like to imitate vivid expressions and body language such as “hands and feet” to help convey their inner emotions.

And Chinese itself is a great emotional enabler, as long as you are good at tapping its taste, you can use language alone to achieve flirting.

In this sense, word games are a domestic sentimental way.

Teasing is, in a sense, an alternative compliment to a beloved woman, a tricky offense.

Especially with the use of text messages and the Internet, men’s teasing consciousness has developed unprecedentedly.

Even if you are an introverted personality, you can repeat the above digital platform to create a new romantic interaction for your love and marriage.

  Research on body linguistics experts found that everyone has a psychological defense space, and once others invade, it will cause him / her tension, alertness, and resistance.

The more strangers are, the farther apart they are from each other, the better the separation between the bodies.

Conversely, the spatial isolation of psychological defense will gradually shrink.

Once a woman psychologically accepts the intimate relationship with a man, she desires the other party to show some intimate behaviors, such as holding hands, taking shoulders, touching hair, snuggling, hugging, etc. Of course, it is even more anxious for him to have the “temperature and humidity” language teaseoffensive.

Although there is only a fine line between “teasing” and “thinness”, it is also an art to tease well.

Tease a woman, make a woman inseparable from you.