[How to roast pigeons in the oven]_ roast pigeons _ oven _ how to do

[How to roast pigeons in the oven]_ roast pigeons _ oven _ how to do

When roasting pigeons, there is neither a grill nor an oven in the house. There is only a microwave oven, and the oven is only for heating food. They cannot be roasted, so everyone will be very entangled whether to eat roasted pigeons.Yes, as long as the power allows, you can make roasted pigeons, but the specific roasting time depends on the power.

The microwave oven roasts pigeons and more condensing microwave ovens have more power.

It usually takes 20 minutes to get it in half.

If you want to roast the pigeons well, you must prepare the seasonings. According to the taste, you can make a variety of roasted pigeons. When preparing the dishes, you must prepare the pigeons, roast them according to the steps, and then brush the seasonings.Roasted pigeons appeared.

The practice of roasting pigeons in a microwave oven seasoning: 10 grams of sand ginger powder, 20 grams of maltol, 50 grams of salt, 30 grams of meat treasure king, 50 grams of flavor powder.

(This is the amount of 10 pigeons) Production: 1. Live pigeons bleed, directly peel, viscera, rinse with water to remove fishy smell.

2. Spread the seasoning evenly on the pigeons, repeat it several times (set the taste evenly), and leave it to pickle for 15 minutes.

3. Wrap the pigeons with oil paper first, then wrap a layer of tin foil, and cover the pot with charcoal (step 4 in the same method). Fire for 20-25 minutes (up to 25 minutes).

4. After baking the pigeon, open the paper, take it out and bake it in the oven for 6-8 minutes.

Method 1 for charcoal burning pigeons. First, slaughter the pigeons, bleed them from the head (better than the light pigeons bought directly), rinse them with small running water, and remove the fishy smell.

2. Mix all the seasonings. For better taste, use a new disposable medical syringe to inject the seasonings into the thicker breasts of pigeon meat.

3. Roast the pigeon’s hair with charcoal fire, and then remove some miscellaneous hair, and remove the paste and viscera, liver, heart, and loquat.

4. When the charcoal is burned until there is no open flame, shatter it. Take a part of it and spread it on the bottom of the pot. Place the pigeon with the hair removed on the charcoal.Degree set time, up to 20 minutes).

5. Peel the pigeons that are in good condition (this dish eats the dry aroma of pigeon meat, so the skin must be removed), put them in the oven (sterilizable), brush them with a brush, remove charcoal shavings, and use plastic wrapKeep refrigerated for the best taste within two days.

6. Brush the sesame oil before serving and bake in the microwave for 6 minutes.

[How to make fresh coconut meat]_ practices _ steps

[How to make fresh coconut meat]_ practices _ steps

When you drink coconut juice, don’t just drink the coconut juice in coconut, in fact, coconut meat has many uses.

It is a pity to throw away the coconut meat after drinking the coconut juice.

Even the flavour of milk on coconut meat will be more intense than coconut juice, and the fresh coconut meat can produce a very delicious taste if properly prepared.

So how can fresh coconut meat be made delicious during the process?

Coconut meat chicken 1, usually fresh coconut meat can be prepared with chicken and soup and specific materials need to be prepared, 200 grams of fresh coconut meat, a chicken, 150 grams of pork bones, red dates, and salt and gingersome.

2. Peel the prepared soil chicken, remove the internal organs, remove the water after cleaning, chop into chunks, wash the pork bones, chop into chunks, slice ginger, and cut the red dates into chunks.

3. Simmer the pork bones and chicken nuggets with boiling water, remove them and put them in the soup pot, add the prepared red dates and ginger slices, then put the prepared coconut meat, then put in a sufficient amount of water and burn on high heatTurn on, and then slowly cook on low heat for two hours. Season with salt before cooking.

Coconut meat is used as jelly 1. Fresh coconut meat can also be used as jelly. You need to prepare it when making it. Coconut meat is 300 grams, coconut juice is 300 grams, milk is 200 grams, sugar is 60 grams, and agar is 10 grams.

2. Put the prepared coconut meat in the cooking machine, add the prepared milk and sugar and mix thoroughly, then soak the agar with water, put it in a pot, cook on low heat until softened, and then slowly add the preparedMix in coconut milk.

3, add coconut juice to the coconut milk, mix directly into the special mold, and then refrigerate for two hours in the refrigerator, take out the mold after taking out, at this time the homemade coconut meat jelly is ready.

Coconut meat steamed rice is also very delicious with fresh coconut meat steamed rice. Usually, after taking out the fresh coconut juice, put it in the cooking machine, add an appropriate amount of water and stir well. After taking out, filter to get coconut juice, and then pan the rice.Wash it, add coconut juice and steam it. The steamed rice has a strong coconut aroma and tastes particularly good.

[How long can a loofah stay in the refrigerator]_Refrigerator storage_Storage time

[How long can a loofah stay in the refrigerator]_Refrigerator storage_Storage time

Many people in our lives particularly like eating loofah. The appearance of the loofah looks particularly similar to that of cucumbers, but the two of them eat differently, and compared to cucumbers, the shelf life of loofah is shorter.Many people will keep the rest of the refrigerator while eating loofah. Only in this way can it be more fresh. How long can the loofah be kept in the refrigerator?

1 Can I eat the gourd after it gets darkened in the refrigerator? The gourd blackening is caused by oxidation. Some kinds of gourds are like this, so it is no problem to eat this gourd now.

Loofah is rich in nutrition. Among melons, its protein, starch, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamins A and C are relatively high. In addition, loofah also has good medicinal and heat-reducing effects.It’s good to eat loofah.

2 How long can a loofah be kept in the refrigerator? Keep the loofah in the refrigerator properly for a few days.

The loofah is packed in a fresh-keeping bag and put in the refrigerator freezer. It is not easy to rot, and it is not easy to lose moisture. Of course, it is better than putting the refrigerator directly, but don’t leave it for too long, at most two or three days.

It is easy to get old if placed too continuously.

Vegetables that are afraid of losing water can be sealed in fresh-keeping bags and placed in the freezer of the refrigerator.

3 What is the best loofah to eat with edamame and edamame? It can increase nutrition, improve protein, calcium, iron, carrot, vegetarian, vitamin c and other nutrients, thereby enhancing the body’s resistance and maintaining blood vessels and muscles.Normal function.

It has a certain relief effect on constipation, bad breath, bone and bone pain, and can promote milk secretion.

Loofah with pork trotter, mushroom, truffle, and shiitake mushrooms can be nourished with blood and milk, and can also be used for skin and beauty. It is especially suitable for patients with postpartum anemia, persistent milk, and low immunity.

Loofah with chrysanthemums. Loofah and chrysanthemums are paired to eat, which can expel wind and phlegm, clear heat and detoxify, cool blood to stop bleeding, and enhance the body’s resistance.

In addition, the two have the same effect, and the skin beauty effect is extremely significant.

The loofah with fish meat loofah is rich in nutritional ingredients. The interferon inducer contained in it can stimulate the human body to produce interferon to achieve the purpose of anti-virus and anti-cancer.

In addition, the saponin component contained in it has a cardiotonic effect.

Consuming fish with fish is more beneficial to the human body.

Backgammon (002251): Digital transformation adjustment waits for business improvement

Backgammon (002251): Digital transformation adjustment waits for business improvement

BBK released the 2018 annual report and achieved total operating income of 184.

600 million, an annual increase of 6.

61%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

56 ppm, a 10-year increase3.


In 2018, net profit deducted from non-attributed mothers1 was realized.

17 ppm, a decrease of 3 per year.


The consolidation of Hunan’s leading companies has consolidated, and the pace of expansion outside the province has been stable. Hunan has become the pillar of revenue. In 18 years, the number of stores accounted for 64%, contributing 71% of retail revenue.

Guangxi and Jiangxi regions are experiencing steady revenue growth and continue to narrow.

The total income of Sichuan and Chongqing in the 18 years increased by 33.

8% to 8.

$ 300 million, but closed 10 stores (mainly in Chongqing) and expanded to 1.

700 million; comparable store floor efficiency increased slightly, profit maximization upward trend.

The gross profit margin of the main business in 2018 increased by 1.

53pp to 23.

03%, supermarkets / department stores / home appliances each rose 0.

26% / 0.

16% / 1.

52%, the rest is mainly contributed by the increase in rental income brought by self-operated subleasing.

The initial sales + management expense ratio increased by 0.

91pp to 20.

3%, increasing labor cost pressure.

Increasing the store opening personnel reserve, the bonus rate of employees’ salary increase brings 0 to increase.

78pp to 7.

10%; property costs decreased slightly by 0%.

19pp to 4.


Tencent Jingdong’s digital empowerment, smart retail transformation continued to land in cutting-edge traffic, perfected marketing tools with Tencent, refined user management, and achieved 500 digital members in 18 years.

80,000, new customers accounted for 63%, membership sales accounted for 63.

8%; gradually strengthen the cooperation with JD.com’s supply chain, the home-based business has entered key provinces in the province.

In 19 years, it is expected to replicate and promote the model store model, which will bring about substantial improvements in statements.

Profit forecast and investment advice The company is the leading retailer in Hunan. It combines endogenous expansion, outbound mergers and acquisitions to achieve scale expansion, and consumption recovery in a macro environment.

Considering the consolidation of Jiarunduo, it is estimated that the company’s revenue in 19-21 will be 210.1231 billion US dollars, and the net profit attributable to the mother will be 1.



800 million.

Considering that the company is in the period of income expansion, with reference to peers, it is given 0 in 19 years.5xps estimate, a reasonable value of 12.

16 yuan / share, maintain “overweight” rating, it is recommended to pay attention to the substantial improvement of the company’s operating performance through digital transformation.

Risk prompts: The macro consumption landscape is sluggish; the speed of the exhibition shops is lower than expected; the operation adjustment speed of Nancheng Department Store, 杭州桑拿 Macy’s Department Store, and Jiarunduo is not up to expectations; the operation effect of the Beijing Teng cooperation project is not up to expectations.

Hisense Home Appliances (000921): Central air conditioning faucet for home makes growth more pure

Hisense Home Appliances (000921): Central air conditioning faucet for home makes growth more pure

Hisense Hitachi finally landed, and turned to the purest central air-conditioning target market. Hisense appliances are positioned as second-tier white power companies. However, in terms of profit structure, Hisense Home Appliances is the purest central 深圳桑拿网 air-conditioning target. Its subsidiary Hisense HitachiThe investment income contributed is considerable, and since 2014, it has continued to account for more than 50% of Hisense’s total profit; however, it is limited to the future sustainability of this part of profits that Hisense Hitachi only invests in investment;Hisense Home Appliances Assigned Hisense Hitachi 0.

After 2% equity, its shareholding ratio will increase to 49.

2% thus became the largest shareholder, gradually merged with the adjustment of Hisense Hitachi’s board of directors, and subsequent Hisense Hitachi will also achieve consolidation; at this point, Hisense’s positioning of household appliances will be converted from “second-tier white power” to “domestic central air-conditioning leader”, it is estimated that the system will usher in transformation.

The most potential home electronics field, the rising industry leader. Home central air-conditioning is the home electronics field with the greatest growth potential. Product advantages ensure the long-term growth certainty of the industry. The gradual landing of full decoration will also accelerate the development process of the industry.It is difficult to completely circumvent the real estate cycle, but as of now, as an industry mainly distributed in the first- and second-tier markets and with huge room for improvement in the penetration rate, the economic improvement is expected to continue to strengthen.

After accepting York’s online business, the portion of Hisense’s most central products for home central air conditioning quickly approached Daikin Industry. From the perspective of the market structure, new home central air conditioning faucets are rising, and the water fluoride product matrix,Multi-factor resonance in Japanese R & D and manufacturing and local market operations, Hisense appliances or become the biggest winner in the home central air-conditioning industry.

The policy stimulates reincarnation or reopens a new chapter. It is worth looking forward to the elasticity of the main industry. In the background of the downturn of the home appliance industry, the market is also worried about the company’s main business operation. However, we believe that the company’s main business is likely to maintain a stable operation: the primary industry prospects, early period.The effect of policy penetration has gradually disappeared, and new compensation policies have been gradually implemented. The refrigerator industry’s renewed demand should usher in a centralized release. Downgrading this type of policy will also bring performance flexibility to white power companies. Second, from the perspective of company size, high-endDriven by the strategy, the company’s main business of ice washing continued to improve, and according to strict channel inventory control, it is expected that the subsequent company’s air conditioning business will also be under pressure; benefiting from the group’s international strategic synergy, the company’s export business can maintain better growth; in summary, The company’s main business performance is likely to be better than market expectations.

The company estimates that it is about to gradually re-determine the “Buy” rating. Hisense’s internal competition in the field of central air conditioning is obvious to all, but it can only improve the market rate of return by contributing to the performance of Hisense appliances in the form of investment income.The table is imminent. The positioning of Hisense ‘s purest central air-conditioning target is further clarified and re-estimated. Immediately after taking into account factors such as fine decoration trends, smooth real estate delivery, and amortization margins about free use, the short-term growth forecast of the central air-conditioning business is expected.Speeding up, and benefiting 西安耍耍网 from external policy-driven and internal stable operations, the main industry performance is also expected to be better than market expectations; in summary, the company’s EPS in 2018 and 2019 are expected to be 1, respectively.

00 and 1.

13 yuan, corresponding to the current estimate of only 11.

63 and 10.

26 times, re-buy “rating.

Risk reminders: 1. Rapid growth of real estate sales; 2. Rapid rise in raw material prices; 3. Risks in the process of consolidation.

Biological Stocks (600201): Short-term future dragged by non-pigs, future outlook is back on track

Biological Stocks (600201): Short-term future dragged by “non-pigs”, future outlook is back on track

Event: The company released its semi-annual report for 2019, reporting and realizing operating income5.

$ 1 trillion, at least 32 a year.

9%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

7 ‰, an average of 52 in ten years.


Resisting the impact of “non-pigs”, performance improved month-on-month.

Affected by the African swine fever caused by the report, the length of the live pig inventory and the fertile sow inventory increased, resulting in a substantial increase in the company’s biopharmaceutical business demand.

However, the first phase of the company’s technology industrial park is currently progressing smoothly. The electromechanical installation and internal construction of the foot-and-mouth disease vaccine workshop have been completed.GMP dynamic acceptance can be put into operation before the end of the year.

In the future, production costs will be effectively controlled, and the marginal improvement of domestic breeding in the second half of the year will be expanded, and the company’s performance is expected to return to normal.

The centralization trend of long-term breeding leading enterprises remains unchanged.

The data on live pigs and fertile sows in the first half of 2019 has been slowly affected by African swine fever.

However, from the data of the domestic sowing factory’s binary sow supplement, it is expected that there will be a clear upward trend since March, and the absolute amount of the supplement is almost the same as that of the World Bank in 2018 for half a year.

Higher pig prices are expected to occur in the second half of the year, which will increase the intent of farmers to fill the pens, which will increase the demand for vaccines.

In addition, with the continuous invasion of African swine plague, higher requirements have been placed on pig dispatch between local provinces.

We believe that in the long run, it will be beneficial to domestic leading breeding enterprises, and the trend of increasing the concentration of large-scale 夜来香体验网 farms may continue.

We believe the breeding volume and penetration rate will increase rapidly in the next two years, and the company’s profitability is expected to continue to increase.

Product diversification enhances core competitiveness.

The domestic poultry vaccine market is growing rapidly.

As the bidding vaccine for highly pathogenic avian influenza was converted from a bivalent vaccine to a trivalent vaccine in the past, the bidding price is expected to usher in an increase, and the bidding price is expected to advance from zero in the past.

164 yuan / feather rose to 0.

3 yuan / feather, the vaccine market size will usher in a rapid increase, boosting the profitability of Liaoning Yikang.

In the first half of 2019, Liaoning Ningkang realized a net profit of 6.29 million, an annual increase of 82.

1%, profitability is expected to continue to rise.

In addition, it is reported that the company’s research and development projects for vaccines such as Seneca inactivated vaccine, P. bovis, two-inactivated vaccine against Manchuria, and four-inactivated cat vaccine are progressing smoothly.

The swine pseudorabies resistance protective agent live vaccine (C strain), chicken Newcastle disease, bird flu (H9 subtype), infectious bursal disease triple inactivated vaccine are actively marketed, and the company’s product diversification progress has accelerated.

Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

Due to the impact of African swine fever on domestic farming, we lower our profit forecast for the company.

It is expected that EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.

49 yuan, 0.

62 yuan, 0.

74 yuan, corresponding to dynamic PE is 34, 27, 23 times.

The current estimate is reasonable, and the rating is downgraded to “overweight”.

Risk warning: market competition or intensification, the company’s product sales may be less than expected, raw material prices or fluctuations, and the swine fever epidemic may further increase.

Checking your lover’s phone hurts most

Checking your lover’s phone hurts most

Career success is not equal to marriage happiness. Ms. Julie, a graduate student in the Department of Psychology at Peking University and an international MBA from Beijing University.

  Prior to the establishment of Absolute 100 Marriage Network, Julie held a senior management position in CCTV.

Julie said, “When I went to Peking University to study for an MBA in 2001, I had a deeper understanding and understanding of how to achieve a happy marriage.

At that time, a total of 102 people in our class were basically executives and founders of various enterprises.

It should be said that all belong to people with more successful careers.

Maybe it’s professional sensitivity. Soon I discovered an amazing fact that a large proportion of them are unhappy in marriage!

Some have broken up, some are in conflict, and some are not satisfied with their other half, especially women, who are still single.

Why is this so?

I thought it was a special case of CCTV’s unique media environment.

This is the beginning of my research on marriage in the surrounding environment. At that time, I was serious about this already common phenomenon.

“Differences in key dimensions lead to emotional breakdown.” Julie said, “Hundreds of pairs of cases have been visited abnormally, and my evidence has changed again.

In addition to the huge difference in values of life as the biggest killer of marriage, I also found that several other important dimensions of life also have a great impact on marriage.

People with increased sense of responsibility will be very depressed and even indignant when they are with weaker people.

They don’t understand why each other is so irresponsible?

Don’t you love me?

He must not care about me!

This is the origin of the contradiction.

Also, a sense of trust. Some people have a higher degree of trust in others, while others substitute.

When two people with this dimension difference are together, it ‘s easy to mistrust each other. Ask questions, check your phone, etc. Such small things happen frequently around us. Except for the reason that someone is not confident, trustSense is also some outstanding preliminary.

“There are other dimensions that you may not have imagined, but they are also one of the main killers that cause emotional breakdown!

Ms. Julie said, “Of course, the way of communication and tolerance have an important impact on the intimate relationship between the two. I will not explain them one by one. Let me talk about romance. I didn’t expect this dimension to be so important at first.

It is often heard in life that XX is romantic, and XX does not have a romantic cell. If the two people differ greatly in this dimension, both parties will feel very bad.

One party will argue: no fun!

It even says it’s like wood!

Delayed and so on.

The other side was wronged and confused, and I didn’t understand that I was so good to her. Why was she always dissatisfied?

So picky!

and many more.
“Ms. Julie said:” Huge demand and professional responsibility are the basis for my sprout to create the absolute 100 dating network.

After careful research on the dating market, I found that most dating websites only provide a simple platform for understanding and exchange, and cannot give some basic guidance to both men and women on how to build a harmonious and happy marriage relationship.

The result of simple understanding will cause a new round of emotional breakdown and the couple break up.

Even if I know a little about common sense to achieve a harmonious relationship when starting a relationship, I can avoid a lot of misfortunes. This is what I can do.

Cosmeceutical eye cream is mild and not sensitive


Cosmeceutical eye cream is mild and not sensitive

Cosmeceutical eye cream is recommended. It is mild in nature and not easy to be sensitive. It cares for your eye skin and makes you safer.

  Kiehl’s Ke Yan’s Avocado Eye Cream 480 Yuan 15ml contains rich and moisturizing vitamins A, E, and avocado oil, which can cause eye repair function for fragile skin around the eyes. Unique dual moisturizing and non-shifting formula, combined with nourishing ingredientsIt can stick to the skin of the eye without exuding, so the skin gets the maximum hydration. The formula has been tested by ophthalmologists and is suitable for everyone, especially for contact lenses.

  Netizen experience: I have to say that this eye cream is very moisturizing and moisturizing. I like it very much. Every time I use this eye cream, I feel more happy. I watched the oil on the eyes and slowly patted it into water, very satisfied.sense.

But after using it for 1 month, I didn’t see any improvement in my fake fine lines and dark circles. I was disappointed in this regard, and it was pretty good in other respects.

  KOROS Organic Herbal Moisturizing Eye Cream 360ml 15ml KORRES Swiss research team is committed to ordering your first eye cream.

Almost rigorous experimental comparisons, selected Alpine plantain, elderflower extract, combined with the essence of chlorella.

Reopen the cell communication, instantly replenish the moisturizing nutrients of the delicate and tender eye muscles, activate the collagen regeneration force from the source, and promote the microcirculation of the eye.

Distinctive organic plant essences, release a steady stream of natural energy, resist dullness, puffiness, fine lines.

  In 28 days, the skin on the eyes is full of water and radiance, and the eyes are beautiful.

Male and female skin lipid use.

  Netizen experience: The beauty of blooming and bright eyes in 28 days is exaggerated, but the effect is called other eye creams I have used are good, the moisturizing effect is good, and the small fine lines have been improved a lot.

  Vichy Double Vitamin Glow Eye Cream 298 yuan 15ml precise dose of pure vitamin A combined with pure vitamin C, has a dual effect, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, prevents and slows dark circles.

Formulated for delicate eye skin, mild width, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and non-irritating.

After use, the eye skin is visibly moisturized and radiant.

Fights the appearance of fine lines and dark circles, eliminates eye fatigue, and restores radiance.

  Netizen experience: The price is a bit expensive, and it seems to have no effect after I use it. At that time, I bought this mainly to remove dark circles, but I do n’t know if my dark circles are heavy and have no effect, and they are more greasy to use.

  Avene Rejuvenating Eyeshadow Eye Cream 298 yuan 15ml is suitable for eye care for mature skin.

Vitamin A aldehyde sodium hyaluronate H.


F (patent number: US20070172442A1) activates the synthesis of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis layer, increases the fixation of hyaluronic acid in the skin, and promotes the regeneration of supporting dermal layer basic materials, thereby firming the skin and increasing the fullness.
Efficient and dense repairs the signs of aging around the eyes.

Comprehensively combats bags under the eyes, dark circles and wrinkles.

Firms skin around eyes, reduces wrinkles around eyes, regains moisture.

Note once, apply from the inner corner of the eye to the crow’s feet and eyelids.

  Netizen experience: To be honest, I bought it for the effect of “dark circles” again.

  Let ‘s talk about the viscosity: The powder is yellow and yellow in color, like milk but not cream, and the thickness is refreshing; Feeling: It is not sticky at all when applied to the eyes, but it is very refreshing; I use it before makeup: I usually prepareFor thicker eye makeup, there will be a little more eye cream, especially at the end of the eye (because of the concealer). This eye cream will not faint before applying the eye shadow, and the powder will be particularly firm and delicate.It is also very good before makeup.

  Efficacy: I think the effect of removing crow’s feet is better. It is really not ground to remove dark circles (but it takes time ~~). This eye cream is quite suitable for your age, about 25+.

It is an eye cream that I am quite satisfied with.

  La Roche-Posay Li Run Moisturizing Eye Cream 228 yuan 15ml Efficacy: Deep moisturizing the eyes, say goodbye to puffiness and dehydration lines. Main ingredients: Sodium hyaluronate and glycerin work together to effectively alleviate dehydration of the skin on the eyes and improve water lines.

Caffeine and La Roche-Posay spring water work together on the eyelids and bags under the eyes, effectively alleviating the natural congestion of the eye skin and helping to eliminate puffiness.

  Netizen experience: I feel only a little moisturizing, and the durability is not very good. When I put on makeup during the day, it is still dry and has no other effect.Penetrates easily into dry eye skin, keeping skin moisturized for a long time.

Gently massage and apply to promote blood circulation, so that dark circles and dull eye skin are full of radiance and vitality.

Strict selection of high-quality and low-irritant ingredients does not add any burden to the soft skin.

  Netizen experience: I think this eye cream is relatively easy to use compared to Chel’s Avocado Eye Cream. It is suitable for people with ultra-dry eyes like me. It is very malleable and not as thick and moisturizing as avocado.It is more moisturizing than avocado. It has no effect on dark circles, but its moisturizing and long-lasting properties are currently satisfying me. I hope it will be effective after using it.


10 qi and medicated soups to treat tiredness and fatigue

10 qi and medicated soups to treat tiredness and fatigue

Symptoms: tired + fatigue.

This is the most important characteristic manifestation of Qi deficiency.

At the same time, patients will show a common reaction, which is “weakness”.

The patient’s statement of fatigue is not the same. It can be summarized as “walking like lead, bottle is unwilling to support, lying down and unwilling to get up.

People with such characteristics and reactions should consider the issue of qi deficiency, and edible qi and medicated diet for conditioning.

  Ginseng walnut drink 3g ginseng, 3 walnuts.

Wash and slice ginseng; smash walnuts and remove walnut meat.

Both are boiled, then boiled with wuhuo and then boiled for 1 hour.

1 dose daily, before bedtime.

Ginseng can be used 3 times in a row.

Function Yiqi Gushen.

It is suitable for shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, intolerance, yellow complexion, body shape and thinness.

  Ginseng astragalus porridge 5 grams, astragalus 20 grams, bran rice 😯 grams, sugar 5 mixture, atractylodes 10 grams.

Ginseng, Astragalus and Atractylodes are processed to remove ash and slag. After soaking in water for 40 minutes, add water to casserole and fry. Slowly fry with low fire to a thick juice.

Morning and evening, cook the previous rice porridge, add sugar and eat while hot.

5 days is a course of treatment.

Function to correct qi, cure deficiency, anti-aging.

It is suitable for complications such as deficiency of the internal organs, chronic weakness, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, spleen deficiency and diarrhea, loss of appetite, qi deficiency and swelling.

  Ginseng Pigeon Egg Soup 6g ginseng and 3 pigeon eggs.

Ginseng is fried in water and boiled eggs.

Eat 1 pigeon egg each time, drink soup, 3 times a day.

Function Yiqi Yangyin.

Suitable for recovery from cough.

  Ginseng bird’s nest soup 6 g white bird’s nest, 3 g ginseng.

Put both in a porcelain cup, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer in water.

Take slowly.

Function to nourish the spleen and stomach and improve diet.

Applicable to diarrhea and vomiting after diarrhea.

  Ginseng Eclipta Porridge Ginseng, Eclipta prostrata 9 g each, 80 g previously rice, moderate sugar.

Put the Eclipta decoction, remove the residue and add the previous rice, and cook with white sugar to make porridge; stew the ginseng separately and add to the porridge to take.

1 dose per day for several days.

Suitable for allergic purpura caused by qi not taking blood.

  Ginseng Jasmine Tea Northeast Five Year Old Ginseng, Jasmine, Astragalus, Green Tea.


Anytime, substitute tea.

Function tonic Qi deficiency.

It is suitable for shortness of breath, fatigue, fatigue, fatigue, spontaneous sweating, unpleasant diet, palpitations and dry mouth.

  Prince Edward Wumei drink Taizishen, 15 grams each of ume, 6 grams of licorice, moderate amount of rock sugar (or white sugar).The first 3 flavors are fried with water, sugar, and tea.

Function Yi Qi Sheng Jin.

Suitable for summer heat stroke, gas exhaustion, thirst, sweating, fatigue and other symptoms.

  500 grams of milk porridge, 100 grams of previous rice.

Boil the porridge from the previous rice, cook the milk before cooking, mix well and cook slightly.

Eat on an empty stomach.

Function tonic deficiencies, benefit lung and stomach, Shengjin Runchang.

Suitable for yin deficiency and strain, nausea, thirst, constipation.

  Tonic Zhengqi Porridge  20 grams of astragalus, 10 grams of Codonopsis, 100 grams of rice, sugar.

Slice astragalus and codonopsis slices and soak them in water for 40 minutes. Extract the astragalus and codonopsis concentrated solution by washing with water and boil the porridge. Add astragalus and codonopsis concentrate to the porridge.

Take 1 time each morning and evening, and add sugar when appropriate.

To correct qi, cure deficiency, anti-aging.
Internal injuries, fatigue, old age and frailty, long illness, thin body, flustered shortness of breath, physical weakness and sweating, spleen deficiency, chronic diarrhea, loss of appetite and other symptoms.

Generally even after 3 to 5 days, take another 2 to 3 days.

Avoid radishes and tea leaves while taking porridge.

  Ginseng lotus broth 10g white ginseng, 10 lotus seeds, 30g rock sugar.

Put white ginseng and lotus seeds (without heart) in a bowl, add an appropriate amount of clean water to foam, and add rock sugar.

Place the medicine-containing bowl in the steamer and steam and simmer for 1 hour.

Ginseng can be used 3 times in a row. The next day, add the appropriate amount of lotus seeds, rock sugar, and water, as before.

Drink soup, eat lotus meat, and eat with ginseng the third time.

Eat once in the morning and evening.

Nourishing Qi and Spleen.

Weakness, qi deficiency, lack of food, burnout, spontaneous sweating, spleen deficiency and diarrhea.

Avoid iron, radish and tea.

In order to be healthy, it is necessary to form these 4 good habits everyday_1

In order to be healthy, it is necessary to develop these 4 good habits everyday.

Human immunity plays a pivotal role in human health.

A better immunity can help people get rid of the disease and make life longer.

Some people eat a lot of supplements in order to improve immunity, at the expense of high costs.

In fact, in our daily life, there are many ways to improve immunity. Only developing good habits can make our body healthier.

  In order to be healthy, it is necessary to develop these 4 good habits1. You can only eat snacks in the afternoon and snacks in the afternoon can actually improve your body’s immunity.

Many people dare not eat snacks during weight loss and want to quit snacking.

But for many people, quitting snacks is a very painful thing.

In fact, as long as you learn to eat snacks in the afternoon, you will not be absorbed by your body.

In the afternoon, it’s easiest to be hungry. Often at three or four o’clock, the body will ask our brains what to eat.

Eating a snack at this time is enough to help our body replenish energy and improve the immune system.

  2. Going to bed early has a preventive effect on many diseases. Having an extra sleep can also keep in good health and improve the body’s immunity.

Many people want to go to bed early, but they can’t resist the temptation to stay up late.

People who stay up all night often have disorders in their internal secretion system, which can lead to a disorder in their immune system, leading to a decline in their immunity.

Going to bed early can make a day’s mental state very good, and it can also restore the body’s yang.

So we should try to fall asleep before 10 pm, if you sleep less, you can make up for sleep on the second day.

  3. Learn to smile. Smiling has a great effect, and it is also the best business card for a person.

Learning to smile in peacetime has many benefits. It can stimulate one’s sympathetic nerves and adjust one’s immunity.

People who smile often have more flexible facial movements and more coordinated blood circulation, which keeps the disease away.

So we don’t always frown and pull our faces, we should learn to smile, and we should just laugh at some frustrations.

  4. Take less medicine for minor illnesses. In our life, our body usually suffers from many large and small illnesses.

Many people go to the hospital for a little trouble because of their health.

In fact, many minor problems do not require injections and medications, as long as you properly nurse your body.

Taking too much medicine will actually reduce your immunity, so when you are sick, you must distinguish between a certain disease and a certain medicine.

  In addition to the above principles of life, we can also eat more foods to improve immunity.

Improving immunity is a very simple matter. As long as you avoid some bad habits, pay attention to nutritional supplements, and adhere to physical exercise, of course, you must have a good mood to make your body great.