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[How to make baby black sesame sauce]_Baby_How to make

[How to make baby black sesame sauce]_Baby_How to make

As children grow up, they need to be exposed to a variety of foods, which are often called complementary foods.

Complementary food can help your baby add more nutrition and ensure that your baby can grow up healthy.

Many parents like to make black sesame sauce for their children.

Of course, there are many ways to make black sesame sauce.

Below, I will introduce the practice of baby food supplement black sesame sauce!

First, pure sesame sauce material: black sesame flavor, walnut oil amount.

Practice: 1. After the sesame hot pot, turn off the small heat and fry for a few minutes.

2. Let cool a little and mix in a blender.

3. Add walnut oil to the sesame powder and stir.

4. Pour into a clean glass bottle prepared in advance.

Second, peanut sesame sauce materials: sesame 40g, peanut 150g, olive oil 30ml.

Practice: 1. Don’t put oil in the pan, and fry the sesame directly.

2. Cook the peanuts in a pan and remove the skin.

3. Add the sesame and peanuts to the blender and beat it again and again to form a powder.

4. Add 30 grams of olive oil and stir well.

5, find a sealed jar of sesame sauce, refrigerated in the refrigerator, it is best to eat within a week.

Tip: You can also add other nuts to make sesame sauce.

Three, salted sesame sauce material: 400g of white sesame, 40g of sesame oil, 2-4g of fine salt.

Method: 1. Wash the white sesame with water, 2. After washing, use a drain net to dry the water, and then pour it into the baking dish and spread it evenly.

3. Preheat the oven at 200 degrees (400F) for about 30 minutes. Be sure to stir during this period. Do not walk away, because the sesame is easy to paste. When the white sesame is roasted, it becomes golden brown.

4. After cooling down completely, pour into the cooking machine and beat.

5. When the sesame becomes a paste, it is not easy to beat. At this time, we add 40g of sesame oil and 2-4g of salt to continue to beat. It is easy to beat and it can be very smooth.

6. Pour into a clean glass bottle prepared in advance.

Tips: 1. This method is suitable for babies over one year old.

2. The purpose of adding salt is to flavor and the other is to preserve it.

AVIC Aircraft (000768) incident review: Boeing crash highlights safety considerations of large domestic aircraft

AVIC Aircraft (000768) incident review: Boeing crash highlights safety considerations of large domestic aircraft

Event: On March 13th, the United States and Canada announced the grounding of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. So far, all countries with Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft have been grounded. This number has been grounded in more than 50 countries and regions.China is the first country in the world to issue a grounding order.

In addition to the impact of the Boeing crash on the company’s financial performance, the company has been reluctant to face the problem, insisting that it has full confidence in safety and is in a completely passive interaction, which has a significant impact on the company’s brand image.

Views: 1. The culprit of the crash or the Maneuverability Enhancement System (MCAS) exposed the intelligent avionics shortboard Egypt Air accident. The culprit is the MCAS system, which was the second accident in May.

As early as after the Lion Air crash in Indonesia, Boeing issued an announcement to the global 737 MAX input operator, warning that the 737 MAX series aircraft flight control system had an incorrect reading output problem, or it would cause the aircraft to dive and fall at a large angle.

Indonesian Lion Air’s investigation report also confirmed that the wrong angle of attack data triggered the MCAS to lower the nose, causing the plane to lose control.

The Chinese name of the MCAS system is the maneuverability enhancement system. The Boeing 737 MAX designed this MCAS system to increase the aircraft’s pitch control characteristics.

Three other models, the horsepower diameter of the 737 MAX engine, are installed more forward, and the peak height of the head when increasing thrust is also the size.

The MCAS can instruct the stabilizer to trim the aircraft toward the head of the aircraft when the high-slope turn increases certain factors and the speed of the flaps closes to the stall speed, thereby enhancing the aircraft’s pitch characteristics.

MCAS is only effective during manual flight with the flaps retracted and does not require pilot instructions.

This is why Boeing warned of a possible dive of the aircraft during manual flight after the Lion Air crash in Indonesia.

The crash of Egypt Air is highly similar to the Lion Air accident, and the problem is likely to lie in the MCAS stabilization system.

Intelligent avionics system is the future development direction. MCAS sounds the alarm for the development of avionics system.

With the development of science and technology, new technologies and functions of civil aviation have been continuously applied to aircraft systems. As a civil aircraft and its important airborne systems, intelligent avionics systems are known as the “brain” and “five features” of aircraft.In providing technical support for the implementation of intelligent aircraft, providing aircraft status and parameter display functions, providing aircraft data network functions, providing aircraft and external communication functions, providing aircraft with a safe, accurate and punctual guidance function along scheduled routes, and providing aircraft healthManagement functions, etc.

The latest generation of avionics systems uses calibration and standardized design methods to re-divide individual serial functions in airborne sensor equipment, which is equivalent to reorganizing the sensor’s front-end, signal processing, and data processing components into one that can achieveNew system for resource sharing and generalization.

By controlling these systems, the system software can achieve real-time performance and improve system detection and identification capabilities.

Intelligent avionics system is an important future development direction of airborne systems, but more careful design and testing are needed in the process of upgrading.

In the MCAS system of the Boeing 737 Max series, the angle-of-attack sensor detects the angle-of-attack machine head, but the software design does not consider the problem of sensor failure.

When the sensor signals are inconsistent, the system has no troubleshooting function, otherwise the nose cannot be pushed down using the most extreme data, causing the aircraft to enter a dead dive.

This simple and extensive system design eventually led to catastrophic consequences and also sounded the alarm for the development of avionics systems.

The C919 avionics system is the “strongest brain” today, with outstanding safety, economy and maintenance performance.

Boeing’s other rival, China’s C919, is lying on its back.

At the beginning of the design of the C919, the goal was to target the strongest: Boeing 737MAX and Airbus A320neo.

The C919, like the Boeing 737MAX and Airbus A320, also uses the LEAP-1 engine.

But unlike the Boeing 737MAX, the C919 was designed to work with CFM’s LEAP-1C engine to achieve an integrated engine suspension design, which can reduce drag by 2%.

At the same time, due to the latecomer advantage, the C919 is more advanced than the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 in the four most important elements: aerodynamic layout, airframe structure, power unit, and airborne system.

The avionics system equipped in the C919 is the “strongest brain” today, using the latest technology, that is, the avionics system based on exchange technology (AFDX). The system adopts an alternative and open design, which can be extended according to needs and performance.The core of the system is the integrated information system-IMA, which includes multiple general information processing modules, data acquisition modules, storage modules, etc., each information processing module has the same hardware / software, which can be completed by loading different applicationsFor different tasks, you must overcome strong information processing capabilities. The signals obtained by the front-end sensors can be directly passed to the IMA for processing. Due to the improved degree of system integration, the number of system equipment decreases with the improvement of functions, which is conducive to reducing structural weight and improving maintenance.performance.

Through the adoption of a series of advanced technologies, the C919 passenger aircraft avionics system has good performance, which can meet users’ requirements for aircraft safety, economy and maintenance, etc., thereby improving the competitiveness of the C919 passenger aircraft.

2. The nominal global grounding has had a huge impact on the company. Boeing is facing a crisis. Boeing 737MAX accounts for an increase in the company’s revenue. The two accidents have caused global safety concerns.

According to Boeing’s official website data, there are currently 4,636 outstanding Boeing 737 Max series orders. This year, Boeing estimates that this type of aircraft will have an annual revenue of about $ 30 billion and a monthly output of 57 aircraft.

China accounts for 20% of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft launch, while the latest 737 Max 8 represents a replacement for Boeing’s operating interests.

Although Boeing has continued to receive new orders after the Lion Air crash last year, it seems that no order losses have been caused; however, within six months, a major accident occurred on the same new aircraft, and the accident process was highly similar, leading toQuestioned the global safety of the 737 Max aircraft.

The suspension of delivery will cost $ 5 billion in two months, and Boeing faces a crisis.

Analysts at Wall Street investment bank Jefferies estimate that the full 737 series will generate $ 32 billion in revenue in 2019. This project will be the company’s largest single source of business, with Max 8 as the mainstay.

At the moment, the worst case is that the 737 Max8 completely stops manufacturing and delivery, so Boeing may lose about $ 5.1 billion in two months, accounting for about 5% of long-term revenue.

Prior to the crash in Indonesia, Lion Air cancelled orders and switched to Airbus.

According to CNN’s March 12 report, the company is already implementing a major plan. All 222 Boeing 737MAX8 aircraft ordered by the company will be cancelled all at once (a total value of $ 22 billion, and 11 have been delivered)., The remaining 211 will be canceled, 1 crashed, 10 may be returned), and plans to order Boeing’s main fuselage Airbus A321neo aircraft.

The two parties have not yet reached an agreement, but have agreed to anticipate the delivery time of four Boeing 737 MAX aircraft ordered by Lion Air.

The four aircraft were originally scheduled for delivery in May this year. Boeing could face billions of dollars in grounding budgets for air carriers.

The 737 MAX cabin layout is between 162 and 210 seats. If an airline has 10 MAXs, it will fly 4 segments per aircraft per day, with an average seat load of 70%, and a day of grounding will bring 5,000.Loss of capacity around two seats.

The grounding will result in flight cancellations, rebooking, and refunds, which will also cause certain economic losses.

According to Wall Street Melius Research and Jefferies, the cost of grounding all 737Max aircraft for three months is about $ 1 billion to $ 5 billion. If the accident is confirmed to be caused by a flaw in the design of the aircraft, Boeing may face a cost of billions of dollars.
On the 11th, China Eastern Airlines grounded all 737-8 commercial flights. According to reports, China Eastern Airlines and Boeing will discuss the losses caused by the planned grounding in the future.

On the 13th, Bjorn Shores, the founder and CEO of budget airline “Norwegian Airlines”, announced that Norwegian Airlines will request Boeing to compensate for the losses caused by grounding Boeing 737-8 aircraft.

According to a statement issued by Social through social media, the company ‘s newly purchased aircraft was forced to ground, “we will bear the compensation for the resulting losses,” and the aircraft manufacturer should pay for it.

3, crash warning development of domestically produced large aircraft is the only way, complete localization is the ultimate goal.

The aviation industry has huge technical barriers, and the success of the C919 is of great significance.

The development of the domestically produced large aircraft C919 is a prediction in the history of the development of the conventional aviation industry, and is of great significance for improving the conventional comprehensive national strength.

The domestic civil aircraft industry chain is incomplete, and many core technologies such as aero engines cannot be localized. The United States uses its position and technological advantages in the aviation industry chain to suppress the current development of large aircraft.

The success of C919 may break through the monopoly and blockade of foreign giants and win a broad market space. It is important that C919 also shoulders the important fields of technology such as systems engineering, aerodynamics, computational mathematics, and virtual reality technology in artificial intelligence.The advancement of Beidou ‘s satellite navigation technology has made China ‘s manufacturing mission to a higher level.

The 737Max series competitor C919 is on the rise and is expected to expand market share.

The 737 Max series is a mainline 上海夜网论坛 narrow-body passenger aircraft. The main competitors are not only the old rival Airbus A320neo series, but also the domestically produced large-scale aircraft C919 which has been rolled out for test flight is also its potential.

Boeing’s air crash may have a huge potential impact on orders, leading airlines to switch to the arms of C919 or A320.

Boeing democratically predicts that China will need 7,690 new aircraft over the next 20 years, worth one.

With USD 2 trillion, China is Boeing’s largest market, and Boeing’s fourth-generation 737MAX series is the most important model for developing countries in the future.

After the 737Max series was severely damaged, large domestically produced aircraft also successfully tested and the C919 tried to increase market share.

At present, the domesticization rate of domestically produced large aircraft C919 is about 60%, but in the future, C919 will eventually achieve 100% localization.

According to the China Youth Daily, there are two ways to localize the C919 aircraft in the future. One is to establish a joint venture in the country, and the other is to import the original products and then slowly realize the full domestic production.

With the increase of the localization ratio, the domestic large aircraft industry chain will be more perfect, and it will also benefit from the huge domestic market space of large aircraft.

4. Investment suggestions We expect the company’s main operating income for 2018-2020 to be 338, respectively.

45 billion, 390.

5.7 billion and 462.

5.0 billion, net profit attributable to mothers was 5 respectively.

25 billion, 7.

02 billion and 9.

37 trillion, the corresponding EPS is 0.

19 yuan, 0.

25 yuan and 0.

34 yuan, corresponding to PE is 88 times, 66 times and 49 times respectively, maintaining the company’s “strongly recommended” level.

Risk warning: The development progress of large aircraft is less than expected, and the order and delivery of military aircraft is less than expected.

HKUST Xunfei (002230): Strategic Focus + Expense Control to Promote Growth

HKUST Xunfei (002230): Strategic Focus + Expense Control to Promote Growth
19Q1-Q3 net profit increased by 50.61% -73.43%, in line with expectations. The company released the first three quarter results forecast, and achieved net profit in the first three quarters of 20193.3-3.800 million, an increase of 50 in ten years.61% -73.43%, in line with our expectations.In the third quarter, it achieved profit in a single quarter.41-1.910,000 yuan, an increase of 58 in ten years.81% -115.31%.We believe that the reasons for the company’s high net profit growth in the first three quarters are mainly twofold: 1) strategic focus on the development of advantageous areas; 2) optimized management and control costs.The company’s consumer, education, political and legal businesses have developed rapidly, 杭州夜网 and the commercialization monetization path has gradually become clear. It is expected that the EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.40/0.57/0.80 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.  The impact of being included in the list of entities in the United States is limited On October 8, the company was included in the list of entities by the United States Department of Commerce. We believe that this incident has a small impact on the company’s daily operations and long-term development.From the perspective of revenue, the company’s overseas revenue accounted for a small proportion.Company in 2018 98.93% of the developing countries are mainland China, 99 in the first half of 2019.17% revenue growth rate in mainland China; from the perspective of technology sources, the company ‘s core technology has initiated independent research and development and has independent intellectual property rights; from a daily operation perspective, the company issued an announcement on October 8th (Announcement No .: 2019-052), which was called listed.Into the existing plan of the entity list, will continue to provide customers with products and services.  Business focus + management optimization and promotion of profit growth Since 2019, the company has taken the initiative to focus strategically and devote resources to the development space and business segments with better business models.Specifically, for smart cities with slower growth rates and poor repayments, the operator’s business will shrink.For the fast-growing and potential consumer business, education business, and political and legal business, the expansion speed has been increased.The business focus will affect the company’s revenue growth in the short term or to a certain extent, but in the long run, it will help the company to improve its profit margins and improve its cash flow.Expense control is one of the company’s operating goals for 2019, and the overall expenses for the first half of the year46.9%, a decrease of 1 per year.5pct, fee control results are beginning to appear.We think business focus and fee control are the top priority for the company’s high net profit growth in the first three quarters.  Overall, high growth can be expected, and the “buy” rating company’s voice artificial intelligence leader is stable and stable. In 2019, the consumer business product line expanded. In the first half of the year, a new generation of translation machines, smart office notebooks, recording pens, transcribers and other 2CIntelligent hardware, the road to commercial realization is gradually clear.Maintain the profit forecast. It is expected that the company will achieve net profit 8-2019 respectively.72/12.52/17.580,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 0.40/0.57/0.80 yuan, corresponding to PE80 / 55/40 times, maintain “Buy” rating.  Risk prompts: 1. The application and progress of artificial intelligence technology are worse than expected; 2. Industry competition is intensified; 3. Macroeconomic downward pressure is increasing; 4. Expense control efforts exceed expectations.

Praise your child’s achievements in a timely manner

Praise your child’s achievements in a timely manner

“Mom, I won first place in running today.

“Lele said to her mother happily.

  ”Who is running with?

Why are you running?

“Mom asked lightly.

  ”Today in the physical education class, the teacher asked us to race.

I run fast, and the teacher praises me for being athletic.

“Lele’s bladder had a smug smile.

  ”Oh, I see.

Do you have homework today?

Go homework!

“Mom didn’t seem to hear what Lele said.

  Lele was very disappointed when she heard her say this, and hid into her room glumly.

He didn’t understand why he ran first, but his mother was not happy at all, and he did not praise him.

  In real life, parents often give their children too much care when their children don’t need to care, but when children need parent praise and encouragement, they are pretending to be cold because they are afraid of their pride.

  Everyone wants to get approval from others, and children are easier, especially from parents.

How good it is for parents to appreciate their children’s efforts to achieve good results in their studies or competitions!

At this time, parents should be happy for their children, and they should give enthusiastic appreciation and praise in time.

  Facts have shown that appreciating and praising children in a timely manner has a greater effect than giving praise afterwards.

  The principal of an elementary school once conducted such an experiment: after the final exam, he evaluated the children in the two classes with similar results at different times.

  For the first group of children, the principal praised them on the day the test results came out: “The results are really good. You are all smart children. Keep working hard.

For the second group of children, the principal waited until after the start of the next semester before saying to them, “Your test scores were good last semester!”

“After one semester, the first group of children received significant praise and encouragement from the principal in time, and their academic performance improved significantly.

They all agreed that it was the principal’s praise that made them confident in their studies and their learning momentum was even greater.

The second group of children did not improve their academic performance.

Although the principal praised them, the time has been too long, so they have not noticed such praise at all, so their learning enthusiasm has not changed much.

  This experiment proves that children need appreciation and praise, and parents must correctly grasp the timing of praise.

First of all, after the child has achieved success, giving timely appreciation and praise is the best. At this time, the child’s potential can be most stimulated, and the child is most likely to get the motivation to continue working from the parents’ praise and encouragement.

If it is not praised in time, or even praised after the extension, the effect will be continuously different.

At that time, the child was disappointed because he didn’t get the affirmation and praise of his parents, and it was no use until later.

  Although the mother in the case did not realize that her child should be praised in time, the child’s father replaced it.

  Just when Lele didn’t understand her mother’s behavior, Dad came back.

Dad found Lele very upset and asked him: “What’s wrong with your child, is there anything unhappy?

“Dad, I won the first place today. The teacher praised me, but my mother was not happy at all.

Lele said to his father with aggrievedness.

  ”is it?

First place, that’s awesome!

Talk to dad, who did you run with?”Dad asked happily.

  ”The physical education teacher asked us to classify a group of boys and a group of girls.

I run faster in boys, they are not as good as me, so I am so big!

“It’s really good. You must eat more when you eat later, so that you can make your body stronger, and you will run first in the future, OK?

“” Well, I will run first.

“Lele happily ran to the dinner table and waited for dinner.

  As a parent, give a positive evaluation of your child ‘s performance in a timely manner, and tell your child that you are proud of his performance. This will be a great encouragement to your child, and promote your child to take advantage of the situation and achieve better results.

  Therefore, when the child reaches a certain goal, the parents must seize the opportunity and praise the child in a timely and sincere manner; at the same time show your joy and let the child realize that his good behavior makes the parents happy.

This is a simple and can produce significant results, as long as you persist in doing it, there will be gratifying gains.

  Sometimes a child needs two words of praise from their parents, and they also need to be aware and cared by their parents.

If parents do not show timely attention to their children’s performance, they will be disappointed, and this disappointment will likely lose their motivation to continue their efforts.

  When you see your child cleaning the room, praise him in time: “You are really capable, and your home is much cleaner.

“When you see your child draw a picture, you should praise him in time:” The painting is awesome and imaginative.

“I believe that timely praise will make children more happy and confident.

  Don’t set goals for children that are too long, and let them wait for the parents’ appreciation and praise for a long time.

Children have limited willpower and endurance, and they are likely to give up their efforts because they wait too long.

Therefore, you should establish more short-term praise goals for your child. Once the child reaches the goal or makes progress, praise him in time.

  Appreciation of children’s performance in time, showing parents’ sincere appreciation and ardent expectations of children, which can pass on a strong spiritual power to children.

This kind of strength can not only make them work harder and more confident, but also promote children’s intellectual development and physical health, greatly enhance children’s confidence and courage in learning and life, thereby motivating children to work hard and let children grow up healthily and happily.

  Appreciation of children is not only manifested in giving their praises without any regret, but also to pass such praises and affirmations to the children at the first time, so that the children can feel the parents’ appreciation and expectations from the heart, so that they are full ofFace learning and life with confidence.

  When a child makes even a small achievement in life and study, don’t ignore it, and don’t wait to praise the child afterwards, but praise the child’s progress in time.

You can say: “This is a great job, I’m really happy for you, keep working hard next time!

“When children take the initiative to show their achievements to parents, parents must pay attention to them in a timely manner, stop the work in hand, and sincerely give the children some praise and encouragement:” Let me see, um, there has been progress!

How to get rid of acne

How to get rid of acne

Click to buy too much poisoning in the body, the first victim is the face, acne grows crazy.

Therefore, the key to effective acne is detoxification.

So how can we solve this?

Next, I recommend a few acne treatment methods for you. I hope you can get acne as soon as possible . 1.

50 grams of indica rice, 15 grams of sugar and porridge, once a day, even for a month, have the effect of strengthening the spleen, dampness and heat.


Raw hawthorn, 15 grams of barley malt, 6 grams of tangerine peel, add a small amount of rock sugar, decoction.


Half a bitter gourd, diced, boiled with water until it is sparse, the water is pale yellow, and drink it with a bitter gourd water drink.

Remember not to put salt, sugar, etc.


30 grams each of mung bean and lily, add a small amount of rock sugar, decoction.


Chrysanthemum porridge: 9 grams of loquat leaves, 6 grams of chrysanthemum, 15 grams of gypsum, 60 grams of previous rice.

Wrap all medicinal cloths, add 3 bowls of water and fry into 2 bowls, then add the previous rice to make porridge.

Take 1 dose daily, 3 times a day, and even 10-15 doses.

This product clears the stomach and diarrhea and treats acne caused by pulmonary and stomach heat.


Peach kernel and hawthorn porridge: 9 grams of peach kernel, 9 grams of hawthorn, 9 grams of Fritillaria, half a lotus leaf, 60 grams of rice.

Fry the first 4 herbs into soup, remove the residue and add the previous rice to make porridge.

Take 1 dose daily, 3 times a day for 30 days.

It can promote blood circulation and remove stasis, reduce phlegm and firmness, and treat sputum stasis and condensed acne.

Does general anesthesia affect intelligence?

Does general anesthesia affect intelligence?

A few days ago, 36-year-old Ms. Liu was admitted to the hospital for a cesarean section due to her advanced age with a correction of high symptoms.

Because it was a high-risk pregnancy, the doctor made preparations for anesthesia immediately after receiving the notice, but was refused when he asked the family members to sign the “anaesthesia consent”.

  Too many people don’t know much about anesthesia during surgery, and once faced, it just happens to correct whether the anus reorganizes the human body to make an impact. Therefore, during an open day event in Shilong People’s Hospital recentlyQuan Shoubo, director of the Anesthesia Surgery Center and executive member of the Anesthesiology Branch of the Dongguan Medical Association, introduced the process and impact of anesthesia.

  A few citizens have misunderstandings. “A dozen anesthesia needles. If the anesthesia is not effective after the operation, people will suffer.”

“In the face of anesthesia during surgery, too many people do not understand the mechanism and process, and even worry that anesthesia will affect intelligence.

  The high-risk pregnancy of Ms. Liu’s family is a typical example.

Because narcotic heart disease can affect the child’s intelligence, Ms. Liu’s mother-in-law and mother both asked the doctor to avoid anesthesia during her cesarean section.

The two seniors also said that anesthesia could also affect Ms. Liu’s ability to regenerate in the future.

  Although the opinions of the two elderly people were cries, the doctor carefully explained and explained this. The old man agreed to anesthesia. Ms. Liu finally successfully delivered a healthy baby boy by cesarean section, and the mother and child were safe.

  ”Who in modern times can undergo surgery without anesthesia?

“Quan Shoubo said that even in ancient times, there was a story of Huayu treating Guan Yu to cure bones, which was because ancient times did not have good anesthesia technology.

The huge pain caused by the operation has a very adverse effect on the body.

Regarding some complications of patients and their families, Quan Shoubo said that modern anesthesia technology is very mature. If the patient does not understand anesthesia, but only by superficial recognition of unreasonable anesthesia requirements, it will interfere with the doctor to formulate the best treatment.Plan, and ultimately delay the treatment of the disease.

  Does general anesthesia affect intelligence?
  The 9-year-old Xiaoyang was preparing for a minor operation early this year. The doctor suggested general anesthesia for surgery. As a result, parents collected a lot of information on the Internet. Some information introduced that general anesthesia affects intellectual development. As a result, Xiaoyang’s parents were surprised.Does general anesthesia really affect intellectual development?

  It is understood that the general anesthetics used in modern anesthesia all have a small impact on the human body, the effect is completely reversible, and gradually can be completely eliminated by human metabolism, without toxic and side effects on the human body.

Quan Shoubo said that there are tens of millions of surgeries performed under general anesthesia every year in the world, and it has been proven that under the correct use of professionals, general anesthesia will not have any impact on intelligence.

  ”For children or patients who cannot keep quiet during surgery and various major surgeries, general anesthesia is safer than half-body anesthesia,” said Quan Shoubo. General anesthesia and hemi-anaesthesia are two different anesthesia methods, and the site of action of the drugIt’s not the same, but permanent and completely reversible drugs, only the unreasonable use of drugs will produce a certain risk.

It is safe to use a complete professional anesthesia preparation and testing among qualified professional anesthesiologists. Doctors will use shallow general anesthesia and hemi-body anesthesia according to the specific situation to give play to their respective advantages.

  Pain Management Approaches To the pain caused by the disease, too many people think that this is a natural process of the disease, and they are worried about the substitution of analgesics.

In fact, poor pain control can lead to increased medical costs, many complications that accompany it, and a direct reduction in patient satisfaction.

  The doctor said that pain can cause symptoms such as increased heart rate and increased blood pressure; patients who are unable or unable to cough vigorously due to pain can cause pulmonary complications; reduced tension and peristalsis caused by pain gradually reduce functional recovery; muscle tension causedIncreased muscle tension implantation can cause deep vein thrombosis; pain leads to insomnia, worry, fear, depression and other emotional disorders.

  ”It can be said that more than 90% of patients with advanced cancer are accompanied by pain, and pain management can recover to reduce their pain.

The reporter learned that more and more hospitals in Dongguan are beginning to recognize the severity of pain management and have established related departments.

  As the name suggests, pain management is “correcting pain”, changing from passive to active, adopting an individualized, multi-modal, advanced analgesic program to improve the analgesic effect.

At the same time, improve the pain evaluation system, clarify the analgesic effect, choose the best analgesic program, and improve the quality of patients’ rehabilitation and treatment.

Bathing often prevents unknown fever in newborns

Bathing often prevents “unknown fever” in newborns

Anonymous fever in newborns is sometimes related to the failure to wash off fetal fat in children.
In the newborn period, frequent bathing can remove fetal fat in time to avoid the occurrence of unknown fever (dehydration fever of the newborn).
  After birth, the skin’s sebaceous glands secrete vigorously, and the entire body’s skin is covered with thick fetal fat.
Fetal fat, like a quilt, plays a role in keeping warm, in order to maintain the uncoordinated phenomenon of low heat production and rapid heat dissipation in the newborn, and keep the body temperature in a normal and constant range.
  With the change of the child’s body environment after birth and the emergence of a series of activities such as feeding, crying, etc., the body’s metabolism gradually increases, and at the same time, heat is emitted by breathing, radiation, sweating and other methods.
At this time, the role of fetal fat has been converted from advantages to disadvantages.
  Due to the large amount of fetal fat coverage, radiation heat dissipation and sweat evaporation are affected, and the heat generated by the body cannot be dissipated as soon as possible, which is the main reason for the unknown fever of newborns.
Therefore, often bathing the newborn will not only reduce the chance of skin infections, but also prevent unknown fever in the newborn.

How to choose a fit gym

How to choose a fit gym

Maybe you want to go to the gym long ago, but you are afraid to expose your imperfect body shape.

If this is the case, please pick up the weight loss NO.

1: Go to choose a fitness suit that suits you, let yourself rebuild confidence, and step into the gym.

  If you have narrow shoulders, a thin chest, a wide waist, and your waist is easy to accumulate, and the body curve is not obvious, then you are diamond-shaped.

You can choose light-colored sports pants with “n” -shaped dividing lines on the side of the crotch, or a one-piece suit with dark track pants, which uses dark edges to reduce the visual area of the crotch and thighs.

  If your chest, waist, and cymbal changes are not obvious, and the curve does not fluctuate greatly from the front, then you belong to a straight body type, that is, an H-shaped body type.

You should choose one-piece fitness clothing with a dark waist or one-piece fitness clothing with a large waist jigsaw puzzle.

If the body is slightly fat, you can choose a split-type fitness clothing with a shirt that is longer than the abdomen. This can effectively reduce the waist area visually.

  The short leg type is suitable for the one-piece fitness suit with high heels and dark fitness shorts. This style can shorten the length of the upper body, visually lengthen the leg lines, and you can also choose to have decorative lines on the waist lineFitness top to divert others’ focus.

  There is also a strong plastic inverted triangle shape, that is, the Y font type, the top is full, the top is wide, and the crotch is relatively small.

Choose the two-color split style of the rotator cuff. From the overall point of view, the waist is appropriately widened. The shoulders are divided and reduced to balance the feeling of wide and narrow.

Top ten travel regulations to help you enjoy your time


Top ten travel regulations to help you enjoy your time

Diabetes 1: Before going abroad, prevent injections should be avoided to avoid all kinds of infectious diseases. Before the tour, you can refer to the environment of the tourist destination and apply necessary vaccinations before the departure, such as: influenza vaccine, hepatitis A vaccine and type A vaccine.Infectious diseases such as colds, diphtheria and other vaccines, as well as anti-infectives.

銆€銆€Dialysis II: When drinking more water, you should add more water to reduce the chance of stomach upset; drink plenty of water to make skin water dangdang, take pictures more beautifully; drink plenty of water on the plane to reduce the chance of infected bacteria; high blood pressure, preliminarySexual heart disease patients need to add more water when traveling, and should pay attention to sleep, pay attention to blood pressure at any time.

銆€銆€Formaldehyde III: Eat chewing gum, yawn, can reduce the tinnitus when the plane takes off and land. When the plane takes off and landing, there are often tinnitus, earache, earplugs or dizziness, you can bring a packet of chewing gum with you, so that the mouth can chew.Slow down this phenomenon, but if you have a bad cold, chronic hearing impairment or eustachian tube dysfunction, you should consult a doctor before taking the plane, otherwise it will increase the uncomfortable situation.

銆€銆€Level 4: Take a long-distance flight. You should exercise your body for a long time. When you arrive at your destination, you will often have a sore body and lower limbs. You can get up every hour, do simple exercises, and lighten your calves, complications and low back.Pressure massage, reduce postpartum soreness and lower extremity edema, correct and prevent venous embolism; especially to prevent patients with scale hypertension and hypertension, avoid sitting in a chair, easy to cause blood vessel embolism on the leg, complications gradually deteriorated into lungEmbedding and dying, so you can restart and walk around at intervals.

銆€銆€Dialysis 5: Wash your hands more, avoid eating raw food, or touch the wild animals and plants. The most fearful of eating bad belly, affecting physical damage to travel emotions, “washing hands more” is the only way to prevent gastrointestinal infections, avoiding raw food and eating can reduceThe probability of being infected.

銆€銆€Official 6: After sunning at the destination, you can soothe the jet lag. Do you always feel that you are upside down because of the jet lag?

You may wish to soak the sun after you arrive at your destination. This will relieve the jet lag. This is because the body’s physiological clock will transform the sun and take off and adjust itself. If this prevents you from sleeping, you can take a small amount of sleeping pills to help you sleep.

銆€銆€Diabetes 7: Adequate sleep, keep a good physical fitness, take too many roads to heat up, relieve pain, go out and travel, it is inevitable to walk a lot, so it is very important to have enough sleep, especially for patients with cardiovascular disease, there must be sufficientSleep with a good diet, a sudden rise in blood pressure and blood pressure.

Under the change of environment, adequate sleep can reduce the chance of skin acne and dark circles.

If you really have a sore foot pain, it is recommended to soak the hot water and massage to soothe soreness.

銆€銆€Skin 8: Do a good job in sun protection and skin care, leaving beautiful memories on the journey. Because of changes in the environment and life, the skin is the first personal body alarm. If you go to a hot and humid climate, you should take sunscreen measures to the cold.The country should pay attention to skin frostbite and improve the oil quality of the skin care products. If there are no flaws at both ends, the memories will be more beautiful.

銆€銆€Diabetes 9: Prepare enough medicines. If necessary, consult a doctor before going abroad to discuss various health problems during the trip. Especially if you have cardiovascular problems, chronic diseases or allergies, you must be prepared before going out.With enough medicine, the patient can take the drug for at least two months with the ticket to the doctor. It is best to talk to the doctor before going abroad to take preventive measures.

Patients with bone disease should be prepared for internal and external use, and prepare rehabilitation products such as knee pads.

銆€銆€Formaldehyde 10: Prepare to do a good job, travel abroad without worry. Before going abroad, you can get the local climate, environmental sanitation and epidemic information. You can check online and bring some standing drugs, such as motion sickness medicine, antioxidant medicine,Cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, disinfectant water, skin care products, etc., extra preparation, only have health protection.