[How to make Cola Chicken Feet]_How to do_How to do

[How to make Cola Chicken Feet]_How to do_How to do

This way of eating cola chicken wings is welcomed by the majority of people, so many people are in the practice of making cola chicken wings when they are making cola chicken wings. They are generally used in other meat products. This is how cola chicken feet are developed, making cola chicken wings and cola chicken.The method of paw is very similar, except that when making chicken paw, it must be copied with water to remove the smell. So what is the method of cola chicken paw?

The method of Cola chicken wings is to make a knife on the raw chicken wings, use a spoonful of old soy sauce, and two spoonfuls of cooking wine for at least two hours.[Time can be omitted, but the knife must be knifed.],, remove, rinse the froth with cold water, drain the small heat, put a little oil in the pan, fry the chicken wings into a golden cola, a spoonful of cooking wine, a spoonful of old soy sauce, two spoons of raw soy sauce, add a littlesalt.

Adding half a stick of cinnamon will taste.

Stew until there is still a bowl of water in the soup, then try salty. If you need to add salt, add a small amount of salt, which is not easy to make mistakes.

Stew until the soup is thick. See the picture for the concentration. Basically, all the juice is wrapped in chicken wings. Only about three spoons of soup are left. Tips for cooking.

The first step is to remove the fishy smells. Add the chicken wings with a few slices of ginger and a few spring onions, boil them, skim the floating foam (this is the blood water is cooked out, and remove the fishy smell), then rinse with water and drain (to prevent(Splash oil when previously frying) 2.

Rinse with cold water to make the chicken skin crisper and more delicious3.

When the soup is about to be thickened, the score will be faster than the beginning, so when you look at it, pay attention to it, otherwise you will lose it 4.

If you like sweetness, use Coca-Cola. If you don’t like sweetness, use Pepsi 5.

[Why do you pickle first?]① More flavorful.

The marinated raw meat is simmered for another 6 minutes until the pan is opened. The salty scent in the meat will not be boiled. ②[Wrong answer]If you marinate first and then marinate, the meat will shrink after simmering.Easy to change firewood.

[How to eat a few fruits is not only delicious but also helps to sleep, it is a pity not to eat]

[How to eat a few fruits is not only delicious but also helps to sleep, it is a pity not to eat]

How to fall asleep quickly after insomnia?

Each of us has had a time when it is difficult to sleep, how do you solve it? Today, I will share a few good ways to help you fall asleep quickly and solve your insomnia damage!

Method of falling asleep quickly 1. Don’t play with your mobile phone before bedtime: Many people develop a bad habit of playing mobile phones before bedtime. In fact, this will seriously affect your brain movement. It is always active and it is difficult to fall asleep easily; 2.Bedtime: If you always stay up late and don’t have a scientific schedule, how can you easily fall asleep before 12 o’clock?

Adjust your daily habits and routines. Before 11 o’clock, you need to organize your things and fall asleep easily. 3. Daytime exercise: Doing a proper amount of exercise during the day can release your body’s energy and produce a certain sense of fatigue, making it easy for you to fall asleep at night. 4. Milk before bed: Foreigners generally like to drink a cup of warm milk before bed, which can regulate the inside of the body and make it easier for you to fall asleep; 5. Reading: want to sleep as soon as you read a book, this should be the actual situation of many people, may wish to useFor this attribute, read a book before bedtime to help you fall asleep; 6. Relax your body and mind: After going to bed, don’t do much about work or life, learn to relax, so that you can better focus on the arms of your dreamland.


Oupai Home (603833): Introducing Urban Partner Model Traditional Retail Channel Reform Ahead

Oupai Home (603833): Introducing Urban Partner Model Traditional Retail Channel Reform Ahead

Event: The European Wechat official WeChat public account recently tweeted to recruit city partners in the cabinet system. At present, the recruitment of 21 provinces across the country has been opened, including Anhui, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan, and Zhejiang.

Opinion: The urban partner model launched by the European Group can be understood as the concept of a secondary dealer or distributor, that is, under the coordination of the headquarters, the distributor opens a store in an area approved by the original local retail agent, and the distributorResponsible for the initial connection of shop 厦门夜网 opening, customer acquisition, sales, etc., while the original local retail agent is responsible for installation and other service exchanges. Distributors take goods from the first-level agent, but because the first-level agent is responsible for alternative services,The gross profit margin will be lower than that of the first-level agents. In the end, the pickup of all distributors will be included in the local first-level agents and revenue for year-end assessment.

In terms of business model, the channels of the home furnishing industry, especially the custom furniture industry, have been dominated by direct sales / first-level distribution system / one city and one business (single category), while the home appliance industry’s dealer system is often two-level agentsSystem / main city with multiple businesses.

Oppa’杭州桑拿网s release of secondary agents in its own advantage category cabinets this time is an important step in the reform of traditional retail channels.

In a short period of time, we think that for the European headquarters to seize the share, the logic of market grabbing will be more priority, but it is a “three-win” transfer, which means that distributors may be in terms of financial strength.Or in the vicinity, areas not covered by first-level agents such as shopping mall have their own resources, connections, or operating advantages, while first-level agents have their own advantages in these services. The strong alliance between the two parties can release moreBig energy.

At the same time, with regard to the decline in the overall prosperity and profitability of the original first-tier agents in these two industries, the expected opening of all stores has decreased. Dating distributors can increase the local influence of the brand and increase their year-end assessment rankings.For distributors, joining Europa in this mode, although the gross profit margin is not as good as that of the first-level agent, but relatively less tasks and responsibilities need to be undertaken, and there is no need to pay the transfer fee (transfer in the A-level market)The fee is even as high as millions or tens of millions, which is also the greatest strength of some capable agents to join Europa).

At the same time, for the European headquarters, to some extent, it can solve the problem of some agents’ weak fighting ability or their own ability after achieving financial freedom. Therefore, it can be said that it is a win-win way for the three parties.

In the long run, scale, we think that such a model may profoundly affect the future pattern of the customization industry, because from our grassroots findings about some second- and third-tier home brand agents, as long as conditions allow, these brands are high-quality agents.A large part of the merchants have the intention to join Oupai. From the perspective of the open distribution system of Oupai, this should be a better opportunity.

At the same time, we believe that this must be only the first step in the transformation of the European retail system. In the future, reducing costs and improving efficiency is a long-term path for the company, rather than our in-depth report in the industry, “Ignore short-term land cycle changes, who may be in the future.As mentioned in “Growing into the giant of the home industry”, let the dealers gradually focus on front-end sales, while the expansion of services can only gradually weaken, increasing the scale effect.

We expect the company’s EPS to be 4 in 2019-2020.

63, 5.

94 yuan, corresponding to 23 PE for 2019-2020.

23, 18.

12 times, the company is leading the industry in diversified channels, product expansion, supply chain integration and other aspects. Considering that the company may become the future leader of the two trillion yuan home / home improvement industry, the current market value of 45.2 billion is significantly underestimated and maintained.”Buy” level.

Risk warning: The real estate boom is lower than expected, and business promotion is lower than expected.

Common People (603883): The completion of the second shareholder’s equity transfer is firmly optimistic about internationally renowned strategists

Common People (603883): The completion of the second shareholder’s equity transfer is firmly optimistic about internationally renowned strategists
Event description Recently, the company announced that it has received the Zexing Investment Notice. Leader BVI and Sonata Company signed an Equity Transfer Agreement on November 27, 2019. Leader BVI transferred all its shares of Zexing Investment to Sonata. Company is limited.After this equity change, Leader BVI will no longer directly or 成都桑拿网 indirectly hold the company’s shares.  Comment on the incident The second shareholder’s equity transfer was completed, and it was firmly optimistic by internationally renowned strategists.Leader BVI changed all its shares in Zexing Investment to 5.Transferred to SonataCompany Limited for $ 5.7 billion.After the transfer, Sonata Company Limited will indirectly hold 71.01 million shares of the common people through Zexing Investment, accounting for 24 of the company’s total share capital.78%.LeaderBVI will no longer hold the company’s shares directly or indirectly.Sonata Company Limited is 50% owned by Chunhua Capital and Fangyuan Capital Sub-Fund respectively.We believe that the introduction of international strategic investors will help the company’s future development, and it demonstrates that international investors highly 都市夜网 recognize the future development of the pharmaceutical retail industry and the overall strength of the people.  Leaving Chunhua Capital and Fangyuan Capital’s rich experience in new retail and big health industries, people have gradually increased their leading position in the pharmaceutical retail industry.Chunhua Capital Group is a global investment management institution based in China. Its investment projects include leading companies such as Yum! China, Alibaba, Ant Financial, etc.Fangyuan Capital is Asia’s leading private equity investment organization, focusing on long-term investments in industry leaders.Single Capital has accumulated rich experience and resources in acquisitions and mergers, new retail, and digital transformation, which will help ordinary people achieve new leaps.  Leading pharmacy with strong comprehensive strength.As one of the leading pharmacy industry leaders in terms of revenue and listing, the people have shown competitiveness in terms of brand power, management efficiency, and integration capabilities.At present, the company promotes the improvement of the overall coordination ratio. The demolition of large stores into small and medium stores, joining, equity incentives and other means to tap potential and increase efficiency, in order to promote faster growth in performance.  We are optimistic about the company’s future development and maintain a “Buy” rating.We estimate that from 2019 to 2021, the company’s net profit attributable to the parent will be 5, respectively.36, 6.59, 8.30,000 yuan, an increase of 23 million each year.19%, 23.05%, 21.80%, EPS is 1.87, 2.30, 2.80 yuan, currently corresponding to 19-21 years PE is 37X, 30X, 25X.Maintain “Buy” rating.  Risk Warning: 1. Store expansion slower than expected; 2. Same-store growth was not up to expectations.

Lianhua Technology (002250): Product price increases and excessive orders

Lianhua Technology (002250): Product price increases and excessive orders
1H19 profit forecast is expected to increase by two in ten years.31?2.US $ 48 trillion Lianhua Technology released a performance forecast, the company expects to achieve net profit attributable to mothers in the first half of 2019.37?2.54 ppm, an increase of 2 per year.31?2.480,000 yuan, an annual increase of 4100%?4400%. The highest growth of the company’s performance was mainly due to the soaring prices of products such as o-chlorobenzaldehyde, Yancheng’s inventory sales support and the replacement of bases in the same period last year. Concerned about the abundant orders, price increases such as o-chlorobenzonitrile drove a substantial increase in net profit in 2Q19.The company expects to achieve zero net profit attributable to its mother in 2Q19.85?1.02 million, down 33% from the previous month?44%, mainly due to the Xiangshui explosion accident, which caused the company’s Yancheng base to stop production and gradually turned losses (increased by 1.).39?1.$ 5.6 billion, mainly due to the company’s abundant orders and rising prices of its own production and sales of o-chlorobenzonitrile led to profit growth. Although the subsidiaries Jiangsu Lianhua and Yancheng Lianhua stopped production due to the explosion, 2Q19 still produced finished products to support sales.At present, the Yancheng base is still in a state of suspension, but we expect to make up for most of the losses caused by the suspension of the company by taking advantage of multi-base production and business interruption insurance claims. Continue to be optimistic about the rapid growth of pharmaceutical intermediate business.The company’s cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturing companies continues to deepen, and several advanced intermediate bulk drug projects have begun research and development pilot work. The company is expected to mass-produce within 1-2 years.At the same time, the company continued to introduce high-quality follow-up projects based on strong research and development, engineering construction and compliance production capacity, and the pipeline products continued to increase.The company has invested 10 tons of TMEDA and 20 tons of MACC has been put into production in 2018. The company expects to produce 40夜来香体验网0 tons of LT822 annually and will start production in 2019.We expect that the company’s pharmaceutical intermediate business will continue to grow rapidly through the gradual mass production of advanced intermediate products and the commissioning of investment projects. The bid for land use rights is to expand production and construction.On July 10, the wholly-owned subsidiary Lianhua Technology (Linhai) with its own funds2.About 2.1 billion pounds of land was auctioned in the Zhejiang Toumengang Economic Development Zone. The land acquired by Linhai Lianhua will be used for the company’s expansion of production and construction. We believe that it will gradually build up the company’s construction and long-term development foundation. Estimates and recommendations do not consider business interruption insurance compensation 杭州桑拿 for the time being. Due to the impact of the Yancheng subsidiary’s suspension of production, we lowered our 2019/20 profit forecast by 18% / 19% to 0.40/0.51 yuan / share.The company currently complies with a corresponding 2019/20 P / E ratio of 29 / 23x.We maintain our target price of 13.6 yuan, corresponding to 17% growth space and 34 / 26x P / E in 2019/20, maintain outperform industry rating. The development of venture pharmaceutical business was lower than expected, and the prices of products such as o-chlorobenzene were lower than expected.

People who are afraid of cold eat five more food

People who are afraid of cold eat five more food

Guide: In the cold winter, in addition to strengthening physical exercise and wearing more clothes, if you can have more cold food daily, you can improve the body’s cold resistance.

Common cold foods in life are as follows, let’s take a look at how to eat with Xiaobian.

  Meat: Dog, lamb, beef, and venison have better cold protection effect.

These are high in protein, high in protein and fat, and are good for kidney and impotence.

  Eating these meats can accelerate the metabolism of yang deficiency and enhance the endocrine function, thereby achieving the cold protection effect.

  Rhizomes: Medical researchers have found that people’s fear of cold is related to the lack of inorganic salts in the body.

  , Carrots, lilies, potato, greens, Chinese cabbage and other rich in inorganic salts, such foods do not prevent other foods from replacing them.

  Spicy food: Pepper contains capsaicin, ginger contains aromatic volatile oil, and pepper contains piperine.

  Eating these spicy foods can dispel wind and cold, promote blood circulation, and increase body temperature.

  Iodine-containing foods: kelp, laver, sea salt, lettuce, jellyfish, clams, Chinese cabbage, spinach, corn and other iodine-containing foods can promote human thyroid hormone secretion.

  Thyroid hormone has a thermogenic effect. It can accelerate the oxidation process of tissue cells implanted in the body (except brain, gland, uterus), increase heat production, increase basal metabolic rate, strengthen skin blood circulation, and resist cold and cold.

  Foods high in iron: Researchers at Federal State University have found that iron deficiency in human blood is also scared of cold.

  Women with anemia have a lower body temperature than women with normal hemoglobin.

At 7 ° C, the heat output is 13% less. When iron supplementation is added, its cold resistance is significantly enhanced.

Therefore, women who are afraid of cold can consciously increase food intake with high iron content, such as animal liver, lean meat, spinach, egg yolk and so on.

How can men have good skin?


How can men have good skin?

In daily skin care, the mask is a product with a relatively high usage rate. Many male friends say that they have been using the mask at the same time, but their most question is: Why are the masks I use all branded and can’t have too obvious effects?

Later analysis was that their usage was incorrect!

Of course, it is certainly not the desired effect.

So here are some of the main methods for men.

  First, mud masks are mostly made of kaolin clay and green clay clay. Some brands use natural volcanic mud, Dead Sea mud, hot spring mud (Japanese Hisamitsu Hot Spring mud mask) and so on.

The clay mask is rich in minerals and trace elements, which can effectively soften the hardened sebum that breaks the capillary pores, deeply cleans skin dirt and toxins, promotes skin metabolism, accelerates the metabolism of aging cutin and acne.

Some mud masks will continue to promise other benefits. Some Yanike Lanzhe black mud full-face masks (yalee) also have the function of stimulating the healing and regeneration of wound tissues, effectively soothing pain and reducing dry cracks.

The mud mask has a very good cleansing, oil-controlling effect, and a certain moisturizing effect. The nutrients in it can be well absorbed by the skin, making the skin feel refreshed like never before.

However, some masks are too dry and we can use them together with nutritional masks.

  Second, skin care masks Some skin care masks are gel-like, some are emulsion-like or cream-like, requiring a thin layer to be applied directly.

It can be washed directly or wiped with tissue paper after use, and some products also claim that they do not need to be washed. This type of mask is mostly a daily maintenance.

Skin care mask has moisturizing, nourishing, and conditioning functions. Long-term use can effectively delay skin aging.

Sleeping masks are our most common.

  Follow the functional component analysis for efficacy 1.

Oil-controlling, cleansing Oil-controlling cleansing masks mostly appear as mud-like masks. The ingredients include kaolin, green clay, enzymes, salicylic acid, etc. Some brands will advertise the use of natural volcanic mud, Dead Sea mud, hot spring mud, etc., rich in richness.The minerals, trace elements and other skin care ingredients, the main function of this type of mask is to absorb oil, deep clean and remove old dead skin cells.


Moisturizing The mask with moisturizing as its main demand, usually appears as a film mask. The essence of each mask generally contains hyaluronic acid, propylene glycol, glycerol, amino acid, collagen, vitamin B5 or oils and other moisturizing ingredients.

After applying the face, the skin will feel full and supple.

It should be noted that after applying the moisturizing mask, be sure to rub the lotion to prevent water evaporation and retain the moisturizing effect, otherwise, it will soon become dry again.


Whitening and whitening masks are the star products in the market, and they are mostly film-like. The essence contains whitening ingredients such as fruit acid, vitamin C, arbutin, placenta, mulberry extract, kojic acid, etc.In fact, it speeds up the absorption of whitening ingredients into the skin and achieves the effect of quickly diluting melanin.

Titanium dioxide-containing whitening mask can obtain temporary whitening effect after application.

Astragalus medicinal diet

Astragalus medicinal diet

Shenqi previous rice porridge: raw astragalus, codonopsis 30 grams each, licorice 15 grams, thickly fry the juice, use 100 grams of previous rice, 10 jujubes, and cook porridge.

When the porridge is cooked, add the juice and cook until cooked.

1 dose per day.

This porridge can treat the symptoms of fatigue, spontaneous sweating, etc., and those who are physically weak in the elderly can often consume it.

  Guiling Carp Soup: Take 100 grams of yellow thistle, 50 grams of angelica, 1 carp (weighing about 700 grams), wrap astragalus and angelica in gauze, add an appropriate amount of water, and add peppercorns, anise, cumin, onion,Ginger flakes, garlic, refined salt and other condiments.

Stew until the fish is cooked, eat fish and soup, and finish 2 times.

This medicated diet is suitable for malnutrition, anemia and nephritis edema, as well as those who are weak after delivery.

Puffiness should be less salt.

  Welsh pork belly: 200 grams of yellow weave, 30 grams of peel, wrapped in gauze, put in a pig belly, tighten the twine, add water and appropriate seasoning, boiled with huohuo, then stew with simmer, until the pigThe belly is cooked.

Eat meat and soup while it is hot, make 4 times and finish it in two days.

This medicated diet can treat gastric prolapse, uterine prolapse, and prolapse of the anus.

  Astragalus steam boiler chicken: 20 grams of astragalus, one tender hen, shallot, ginger, garlic, salt, pepper, monosodium glutamate, and rice wine.

The method is as follows: chop the chicken into one-inch square pieces, remove it with hot water for 3 minutes, wash the blood foam, and put it in the steam boiler.

After skimming the slag of hot chicken nuggets, pour the soup into a steamer containing chicken nuggets, add the above-mentioned various seasonings and astragalus, cover the steamer lid, put it in a cage and steam for 3 hours to take it out, and it is ready to eat.

The medicated diet can replenish the qi and tonify qi, and is suitable for internal injuries, fatigue, spleen deficiency and diarrhea, and all qi deficiency and blood failure symptoms.

  Ginseng extract: 250 grams of Codonopsis, 250 grams of Astragalus, 500 grams of sugar.

Put Dangshen and Astragalus into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cook with simmering heat, and filter the juice 3 times.

Mix 3 centrifugals together, put them in a pot, and cook with gentle heat until the medicinal juice is concentrated and sticky, cease the fire.

Press the sugar into powder, pour it into the viscous medicinal juice, mix well, dry, crush, and fill in a glass bottle for later use.

Take 10 grams twice daily with boiled water; take Sinochem.

The medicated diet is suitable for qi-deficient heart palpitations, shortness of breath, diarrhea due to lack of food, and also suitable for the elderly with qi deficiency.

Regular consumption, also has the effect of preventing cancer.

25 + mm anti-aging project is about to begin_1

25 + mm anti-aging project is about to begin

Most women think that 25 is still young, but in fact, this is only a superficial phenomenon.

In fact, the growth period of the skin usually ends at about 25 years old. After that, growth and aging must be carried out at the same time, so 25 years old is the watershed between young skin and aging skin.

So, pay attention to the 25 + mm, your anti-aging project should start.

  1, hydrating.

Choosing the formula of trace minerals will help the skin to recover itself. It can make the skin absorb oxygen instead and store sufficient energy in the cells.

Cell protection formula containing ginkgo, ginseng, natural soybean extract, witch hazel and other plant extracts can speed up blood circulation, and the cell protection formula can prevent premature wrinkles.

  2. Sun protection.

UVA in the sun is one of the two main causes of skin aging.

Daily application of sunscreen (sun protection factor of 15 or more) can reduce the degree of skin photoaging.

  3. Regularly use a mask with various effects to clean, provide nutrition, moisture, and even water-oil balance, so that the slack and dull skin becomes moisturized and moisturized, and the elasticity of the skin is restored.

  4. Firming.

Look for “tightening” skin care products. Preset with each application, and push from the bottom up to prevent sagging skin.

  5. Avoid large pores.

If you are born with large pores, you can often do a facial cleansing treatment to keep the pores clean, prevent bacterial infections, and avoid larger pores.

  6. Use a refreshing eye cream.

Eye cream is a nutritional product, nutritious granules, and relatively heavy in size. At the age of thirty, you don’t need too much nutrition. You only need to ensure that the moisture increases, you can choose a light eyelid-shaped eye cream.

  7, eat vitamins every day.

Vitamin C helps to dilute and break down the melanin that has formed. It also inhibits the growth of new melanin and accelerates the elimination of melanin from the epidermis or blood.

  8. Participate in aerobic exercise.

Proper exercise such as jogging and swimming can speed up the skin’s blood circulation and help cells to inhale oxygen, 3 times a week?
5 times, each time 20?
30 minutes of aerobic exercise will make your skin rosy.

  9, to ensure adequate sleep.

When you fall asleep, the skin’s metabolic work really begins, with constant metabolism and self-regulation.

  10. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol.

The age of wrinkles on the skin of smokers is more than ten years earlier than that of non-smokers. The main reason is that nicotine shrinks the blood vessels of the skin. Drinking alcohol will reduce the amount of oil in the skin, accelerate water loss, and indirectly affect the normal function of the skin.

Four ways to treat children with constipation

Four ways to treat children with constipation

The main solution to infant constipation caused by improper diet is to adjust the infant’s diet structure, which can appropriately increase the supply of starch, vegetables and fruits. There are several methods: Method 1: use rice soup to prepare milk powder.

  Babies over 4 months of age can use some freshly cooked porridge rice soup instead of water to make milk powder, and increase or half the porridge soup instead of water to make milk to increase the amount.

  Method 2: Feed fresh fruit juice or plain water between the two feedings, and feed 2-3 times a day.

  6-month-old babies can increase the amount of pureed vegetables and fruits, such as carrot puree, mashed potatoes, apple puree or banana puree.

  Method 3: Properly increase the amount of water or reduce the amount of milk powder.

  Some parents did not follow the milk powder preparation method introduced in the preparation of milk powder. The amount of milk powder was increased, and the baby’s digestion and absorption capacity was limited. It often caused dry stools and stinky stools, and it would increase the baby ‘s liverThe burden on the kidney; sometimes the ratio is adjusted properly, but the baby’s stool is still dry and stinky, and the amount of water should be appropriately increased or the amount of milk powder should be appropriately reduced.

  Method 4: Reduce the intake of formula milk and increase the amount of complementary foods, but follow the principle of adding complementary foods.

  As your baby grows up day by day, you can also try to appropriately reduce the intake of formula milk and increase the amount of complementary food, but you must strictly follow the principle of supplementary food.

  In addition, some babies may also experience constipation if they do not train their bowel habits regularly.

Therefore, when the baby is March-April, if the parents find that the baby has a bowel movement, they can be trained to hold the baby to stool, so that the baby gradually develops the habit of regular bowel movements daily.

  Basically, through adjusting the diet structure and regular defecation training, the baby’s constipation is often significantly improved.

Young parents who still have questions can go to the hospital to consult a nutrition specialist or a health care specialist.

  Love reminder: 1. Don’t provide too many warm foods such as shrimps to constipated babies.

  2. Don’t take cold medicine such as honeysuckle for a long time to the baby, so as not to damage the baby’s tender spleen and stomach function.

  3. Babies with persistent constipation should go to pediatric surgery for further examination.