Eight herbal teas have unexpected effects


Eight herbal teas have unexpected effects


Fire-Resting – Rose Herb Tea Rose Tea is a high-grade tea made from fresh roses, rosemary, and cassia tea buds. The aroma is rich, light, and not fierce.

Rose flower tea has the beauty and beauty, through the vitality, soften the blood vessels, and has significant effects on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, hypertension, hypertension and gynecology.

Roses are adjustable and the liver and spleen, qi and stomach have already existed in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”.

Rose Herbal Tea also has a powerful acne effect, which can reduce anger, eliminate fatigue and help the wound heal.

It can be seen that the rose tea has a good name and it has a powerful effect.


Preventing aging – Black tea is one of the world’s four major black teas. Black tea is highly regarded by consumers all over the world and is called “a gift to the world”!

Black tea is produced in Sri Lanka and other places. It has a strong flavor and a thick taste. It is also a good choice for brewing aromatic milk tea.

Sri Lanka’s black tea has a low sodium content and is ideal for people who have high blood pressure and need a small amount of alcohol.

Daily diet can take up osteoporosis, still has a good anti-aging effect, long-term can reduce the skin fine lines, make the skin moist and smooth, and truly beautiful from the inside out.


Detoxification and fat reduction – planting fiber and tea, many people are familiar with the various effects of natural plants, such as Taiwan’s popular planting fiber tea is fermented oolong tea, cassia seed, lotus leaf, hawthorn, rose hip, cuminNatural herbal extracts and abrasives, with very good internal detoxification, thin abdomen and weight loss, have the effect of inhibiting slight absorption!

Modern people’s eating habits often have a high proportion of adults in the body, and excessive absorption of fat not only causes obesity, but also is the main cause of many chronic diseases.

Endless entertainment, greasy food surrounded by yourself, what should I do?

Planting fiber and tea is the nemesis of greasy food.

Suitable for those who are sedentary, upper and lower body qi and blood block leading to obesity and the group of staying up late and computer radiation.

Herbal tea is rich in vitamins, amino acids, organic acids and other ingredients, can inhibit lipoprotein oxidation, and has anti-aging effects.

Generally, brew 3-5g with warm water at a time, add appropriate amount of sugar or honey according to your taste. For example, long-term incorporation of plant fiber and herbal tea has good weight-loss effect!


High blood pressure – lotus leaf tea lotus leaf tea, from the famous patriotic poet Wen Yiduo, the Qing Dynasty champion Chen Yu, the Ming Dynasty prime minister Yao Ge old hometown Wang Tianhu.

According to legend, during the Jiaqing period, Chen Hao took a little hometown specialty lotus leaf tea when he took office.

Lotus leaf tea is made from dried and pulverized lotus leaves. It uses a certain process and is evenly mixed with various natural raw materials to facilitate the placement of teabags.

Not only does the weight loss effect be significant, but it does not require deliberate dieting, there is no substitute for the human body, and it has a good curative effect on obesity patients.

Method for lowering blood pressure lotus leaf tea: Take fresh green lotus leaf in appropriate amount, chopped, add water to boil and substitute tea for frequent drinking, suitable for patients with high blood pressure and obesity symptoms.

In addition, 3 grams of lotus leaf, 6 grams of fried cassia seed, 3 roses, brewed with boiling water, also has the effect of clearing the heat and dampness, regulating water and edema, and smoothing hair.


Good sleep – Chamomile herbal tea chamomile tastes slightly bitter, but it has the effect of reducing liver fire, calming, calming nerves, can improve sleep quality, promote skin metabolism, enhance skin resistance and repair ability, and can not solve skin allergies for a long time.

If you choose a tea bag, then the tea bag that has been soaked can be used to help remove dark circles after cooling.

After playing HIGH on the weekend night, come up the next day to make a cup of chamomile and experience the fun of the next two.

PS: Pregnant women, low blood pressure and cold constitution MM should not be accepted, it is best to have a comprehensive understanding of their physical condition before drinking.


Detoxification – Chrysanthemum Pu’er Tea Chrysanthemum and Pu’er Tea are brewed together to make the population feel refreshed.

Chrysanthemum detoxification, Pu’er tea is mild, accompanied by performance adjustment and efficiency doubled.

It has the effect of dispersing wind heat and calming liver and clearing the eye. It has good curative effect on treating wind-heat flu, dizziness, redness and swelling, chest pain, heat, hemorrhoids, swollen poison and high blood pressure.

Chrysanthemum is cold, sweet, has the effect of clearing the liver and eyesight, dispersing the wind and removing heat, is a very good health drink, used to enter Pu’er tea is the most wonderful.

Pu’er tea is mild in taste, flat in taste and low in aroma. Chrysanthemum is used to enter Pu’er tea. It can break its fragrance, benefit its fragrance, nourish its taste, and change its customs. It also has a great benefit in health.

The introduction of chrysanthemum into tea began in modern times. Above Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and other places, there has always been a custom of mixing Pu’er tea with chrysanthemums, called “Jipu tea.”
Skin care and anti-aging – honeysuckle tea honeysuckle, also known as honeysuckle.

Lonicera japonica is a semi-evergreen shrub with stems half-stalked, leaves ovoid, and horn-shaped flowers.

It is white when it first blooms, and then gradually turns yellow. This is the origin of the name “Honeysuckle”.

Honeysuckle tea is an emerging health tea, tea soup is aromatic, sweet and delicious, and sells well in domestic and foreign markets.

Drinking this tea often, it has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, passing through the vitality, skin care and beauty.

Honeysuckle can also promote blood circulation, eliminate toxins from the body, and effectively eliminate acne and various spots.


Dysmenorrhea regulation – Motherwort tea with Chinese herbal medicine has a long history. In spring and summer, the ancients like to use flowers or wild plants to make natural beauty products.

According to legend, the only Wu Shijun is the beauty product made of motherwort all the year round. When she was 50 years old, her skin color was still as fresh as a 15-year-old girl. She still looks old when she is 80 years old.

In addition, it can also promote blood circulation, and can also alleviate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea in women.